Hay 3 traducciones principales de slip en Español

: slip1slip2slip3


resbalar(se), v.

Pronunciación /slɪp//slɪp/

verbo intransitivoslipped, slipping

  • 1

    • 1.1(slide, shift position)

      (person) resbalar(se)
      (knot) correrse
      (clutch) patinar
      she slipped and fell (se) resbaló y se cayó
      • my foot slipped se me fue el pie
      • the knife slipped and he cut himself se le fue el cuchillo y se cortó
      • the tires are slipping on the ice las ruedas patinan sobre el hielo
      • it just slipped out of my hands se me resbaló de las manos
      • It seemed that everything was suddenly moving slowly as she felt the reins slip from her grasp, her feet from the stirrups and herself from the saddle.
      • The dance was silly, unplanned, and cut short when both simultaneously slipped on patches of wet grass.
      • Camilla's bright green eyes widened until her natural colour, brown, showed where her contacts slipped down.
      • In the struggle the coffee pot slipped from his grip.
      • We passed the trident, crossed over the hill and tumbled down a moraine the far side, our feet slipping on the loose rock.
      • Joel sat there with a bored look, his glasses slipping off his button nose.
      • However as she was stepping up onto the tongue of the boat trailer she lost her balance and slipped down onto the hard pavement.
      • When I'd slip and lose my footing, he'd momentarily lose sight of me, and a worried expression would cross his face.
      • He tried to get his footing but slipped and fell right into the woman's lap.
      • The next day, Joey walked out of his East Village apartment, slipped on some ice and broke his hip.
      • The man jumped like a frightened rabbit, the phone slipping slightly from his ear.
      • I choked on the liquid in my throat and the can in my hand slipped from my grip.
      • My book bag accidentally slipped from my shoulder and hit Devin.
      • Her heel slipped on some mud and she lost her balance, swearing as an arm wrapped around her waist, preventing her from hitting the ground.
      • Sometimes, however, the gears slip, the programming fails, and the logic circuits burn out.
      • And within seconds, he was laughing so hard that a bowl almost slipped from his grasp.
      • These steering adjustments are needed because a lateral force on a wheel makes it slip sideways over the ground as it rolls forward.
      • The snow splattered all over a now very unhappy Twilight who lost her balance and slipped.
      • Many times I slipped over on the steep icy slopes, losing my footing and crashing down on the rubble.
      • Back in the pub, he was racking up the beers in the cellar when a barrel slipped from his grasp and broke two bones in his foot.
      • He slipped, slid and finally fell, rolling back to the bottom of the hill in a heap.
      • She desperately searched for good footing, slipping and sliding as she tried to get back up.
      • There had been heavy rain the night before, so even his ten-year-old Nissan Patrol four-wheel drive was slipping and sliding quite a bit.
      • Ragged strips of wallpaper hung down the dark, dank corridor as I explored, being careful not to slip on loose floor tiles in one of the rooms.
      • What was shaping up to be a fantastic match, though, was cut short when Rooney slipped and fell in the third game.
      • The horse slipped and fell with Shmulik under him, dragging him as he slid on rocky ground.
      • When it gets severe we'd expect it to be accompanied by sporadic squealing of the type you get when a fan belt slips.
      • I glanced up, my eyes landing on a figure that made my breath catch in my throat, and my hands so weak that all the menus slipped through my grasp.
      • There was no light, and since the tunnel slanted sharply, it was hard to keep one's footing without slipping.
      • Every time I get up onto the Olympia stage, I fear slipping and falling during the performance.
      • Alice lost her footing on the terrain and slipped back a foot.
      • She poured the water and turned to put it back in the fridge but as she opened the door the jug slipped from her grasp and shattered on the floor with a loud smash.
      • One pretty woman with long, blonde hair was carrying something in her hand, but it slipped from her grasp as she stumbled along.
      • My tennis shoes slipped over the slippery surface of the rock.
      • Her bag slipped from her grasp, spilling its contents across the tiled floor.
      • While trying to get my foot balanced on one of the mossy boulders that jutted out of the water, I lost my footing and slipped again.
      • He hovered beside her as she hobbled around the truck to the fire, afraid she would slip or lose her balance.
      • Dara squealed when her half eaten vanilla covered doughnut slipped from her grip.
      • We slogged across the pasture, truck tires slipping and sliding in the mud, and wound up walking the last hundred yards or so.
      • Joe had just finished pounding another staple home when his hammer slipped from his grip.
      • She shuffled his records until one slipped from her grasp and splintered on the hearth-stone.
      • Eight-year-old Luke Vardy narrowly escaped with his life after he slipped and lost his footing as he climbed wrought iron fencing in the front garden of his Rotherham home.
      • I've never driven in the snow before and after slipping and sliding my way back this evening I have no desire to do it again.
      • When he slipped forward he lost his footing on the rock where he was perched.
      • The gun, slick with sweat, began to slip from his hand, but he gripped it tightly.
      • The brunette just sighed sadly and looked out the window, a few red tinted curls slipping from her loose ponytail to fall in her eyes.
      • Brown mud sprayed up as he slid and slipped, trying to push himself back onto his feet.

    • 1.2

      (service/morals/standards) decaer
      (service/morals/standards) empeorar
      you're slipping tu trabajo (or aplicación etc.) ya no es lo que era
      • they slipped to third place in the league bajaron al tercer lugar de la liga
      • production is slipping (back) la producción está decayendo / bajando
      • it's easy to slip into bad habits es fácil caer en malos hábitos
      • Yet, perhaps he does indeed have a point: have standards slipped?
      • Control would be passed to frontline ward staff and patients would be encouraged to speak out if they thought hygiene standards were slipping.
      • On the other hand, observers note that the bank's performance was already slipping well before the tragedy.
      • The stock has slipped nearly 19 per cent in the past three months.
      • Sales were down 16.8 percent and market share slipped from 9.6 percent to 8.2 percent.
      • Unfortunately, she does not have the skills to pay the bills, and her farm quickly slips into destitution.
      • Track officials indicated that profits are slipping because wagering has leveled off while taxes and expenses have increased.
      • Shares slipped for the first day in five yesterday, mirroring declines across Europe.
      • The closing weeks of May, however, saw prices of copper slipping gradually to current levels with no immediate evidence of pulling out of the trough.
      • In my opinion, these ideas and ideals are slipping fast, and we need to fight for them.
      • I thought they were supposed to be pretty on-the-ball and up-to-the-minute, but it seems standards are slipping.
      • Pre-tax profits in the first half, however, slipped back by 25 per cent due to higher interest charges.
      • The price has been slipping for 18 years as central banks sell off their reserves, raising capital to invest in the stock market.
      • Gradually, she slipped to the bottom rank of the class.
      • Apple has led the field in design improvements and the adoption of new technologies, but has been slipping in the performance stakes with processor speed.
      • The gross profit margin slipped to 42.3 per cent from 43 per cent a year earlier.
      • However, the group's shares have slipped to less than half the levels of this time last year as a result of the investor flight to new-technology companies.
      • Their performance in school began slipping, and they said they were being mistreated in their foster home.
      • The ‘old boys' club’ must certainly feel the power slipping.
      • Because of her tendency to allow other people's values and beliefs to affect her, Barbara's work performance is slipping.

  • 2

    • 2.1(move unobtrusively)

      he slipped into/out of the room without being observed entró en/salió de la habitación sin que lo vieran
      • she slipped into bed se metió en la cama
      • we managed to slip past the guards logramos pasar sin que nos vieran los guardias
      • some errors have slipped into the text se han deslizado algunos errores en el texto
      • She put the key in the lock and opened the door as she turned around and waved at Scott once more before slipping back into the house and closing the door behind herself.
      • The door opened with hardly a creak and no one noticed as he slipped outside.
      • I wasn't in the mood to visit with them so I turned away and tried to slip past without being noticed.
      • But she does admit to being a little annoyed, especially when, after the biggest race of her life, she was almost allowed to slip quietly back to the changing rooms.
      • My eyes landed on a boy, most likely my age, who was slipping rather stealthily from a room off to the right of where our tour group stood.
      • She barely noticed when the older woman slipped quietly from the room, leaving her to her snack and her thoughts.
      • I walked along pace with the huge truck, slipping behind it, then climbing on board, hiding between two bales.
      • I pulled the door open quietly and slipped inside, flashing the class a smile and giving a small wave.
      • My father's sentry had been much too drunk to notice as I slipped through the gates of the estate.
      • In the chaos, the wasp slips unnoticed through the ant nest and preys on the unguarded caterpillar.
      • In front of her the soldiers riding the horses slipped off to her right and Ashley spotted an enclosure that she correctly guessed to be the pen for the animals.
      • Casey took the seat at the end, slipping in quickly and quietly before anyone noticed.
      • I slipped quietly back into the house and pulled the door shut after me, leaving the scene.
      • Maddy slowly opened the door a crack and silently slipped in without being noticed.
      • She was in the middle of closing the door when a skinny, chestnut and dark brown colored cat slipped through.
      • Quietly, she slips back into the passageway and pulls the panel back just in time.
      • That was when Damien saw her, slipping quietly from the washroom, eyeing the scene all the while.
      • I heard people speaking in the living room, so I shut the door as quietly as I could, hoping to slip upstairs without being noticed.
      • She almost didn't see Wraith slipping through the shadows, but he caught her arm and motioned for her to follow him.
      • Knocking lightly on the door next to hers, she opened it slightly and slipped inside the clean room.

    • 2.2(escape, be lost)

      to let slip an opportunity, to let an opportunity slip dejar escapar una oportunidad
      • I didn't mean to say that: it just slipped out no quería decirlo pero se me escapó / salió
      • the secret slipped out se me (or le etc.) escapó el secreto

    • 2.3(go quickly)

      he's just slipped out to the bank ha salido un momento al banco
      • I'll slip back and get the list vuelvo en un momento / en una escapada a buscar la lista

    • 2.4(change)

      she slipped out of her dress se quitó el vestido
      • I'll just slip into something more comfortable me voy a poner algo más cómodo

verbo transitivoslipped, slipping

  • 1

    • 1.1(put unobtrusively)

      he slipped the letter into the drawer metió la carta en el cajón
      • she slipped a coin into his hand le pasó disimuladamente una moneda
      • he slipped his arm around her waist le pasó el brazo por la cintura
      • she slipped the ring onto/off her finger se puso/quitó el anillo
      • an additional clause had been slipped into the agreement subrepticiamente le habían agregado una cláusula al acuerdo
      • I cried out, blinded with pain, and would have fallen to my knees if Cae hadn't quickly slipped his arms around me.
      • Her hand brushed over his and he slipped a note quietly into her hand.
      • Sighing, Ari folded up the map and slipped it into her travel bag.
      • Scott was a few paces behind him, and he quickly slipped his arm protectively around my waist.
      • Very carefully, he removed his glasses, folded the arms, and slipped them into his pants pocket, where his wallet had been.
      • ‘Call me later,’ she said quietly, slipping a piece of paper into Rebecca's hand.
      • Hunter was slipping the little can back into the paper bag.
      • My face flushed as I quietly and quickly slipped my hands under the kitchen table.
      • The man held out a bundle of money and Zaren quickly grabbed it, slipping it into a pocket inside his trench coat.
      • Before I am about to say ‘No,’ he slips a thick envelope in my pocket.
      • Quickly I slipped the business card into the pocket of my jeans.
      • I quickly slipped the photograph into the book and handed the book back to him.
      • But he took from his desk a pink candy heart with a gold motto, ‘You are sweet’, and slipped it under her arm.
      • I pull a bag from the shelf, slipping it on my arm and pause, remembering what Jake said.
      • Surprising Freyen, Tekan grabbed his arm, slipped his foot between his feet and made him trip.
      • He knew where the meeting area was to be, and hastily rolled up the map and slipped it back under the folds of his mantle.
      • As Mila loads the luggage, Andy quietly slips a small envelope into her purse.
      • She quietly slipped the tiny piece of gold around her finger.
      • He picked up the package he dropped and dusted it off, slipping it underneath an arm and offered his vacant hand to her.
      • I slipped a few shiny silver knives and forks into my jacket pockets and took the stairs down to the next floor.

    • 1.2(pass)

      to slip sth to sb pasarle algo a algn
      • I slipped him a $50 bill le pasé un billete de 50 dólares disimuladamente

  • 2

    • 2.1(break loose from)

      don't let the dog slip its leash no dejes que se suelte el perro
      • the boat slipped its moorings el bote se soltó
      • to slip anchor levar anclas

    • 2.2

      to slip the clutch mantener el pedal del embrague deprimido
      • Try not to slip the clutch when shifting or driving.
      • For those drivers who slip the clutch frequently, yours will wear out quicker than a driver that does not slip the clutch.
      • Avoid the practice of resting the foot continuously on the clutch pedal while driving and do not slip the clutch excessively instead of shifting gears.
      • First was too snatchy, second meant constant clutch slipping, resulting in wrist-ache after a few days, and the weather, which was unseasonably atrocious.

    • 2.3(release)

      (catch/lock) (des)correr
      • When game was sighted, the huntsman slipped the dogs.
      • They are in the leash, but in a moment they will be slipped.

    • 2.4(in knitting)

      (stitch) pasar sin tejer
      • Mosaic knitting simply involves slipping the stitches in a row that should be the "other" color.
      • Be sure you slip the stitch as if to knit, not as if to purl.
      • To execute this decrease, slip the first stitch as if to knit, slip the second stitch as if to knit, then slide the left-hand needle into the front part of both stitches and knit them together.
      • The technique of two-color slip-stitch knitting is really quite simple: If you can knit simple stripes and slip a stitch, you have all the skills you need.

  • 3

    he's slipped a disc tiene una hernia de disco
    • They also must document why a mare slipped a foal to collect on insurance claims and to secure unborn foal insurance for future pregnancies.
    • If a mare has "slipped" a foal in a previous pregnancy, double care should be taken, as she will be far more likely to do so again than another which has hitherto escaped the accident.


  • 1

    • 1.1(slide)

      resbalón masculino
      resbalada femenino América Latina
      • And this year heavy rain turned most of the course into a quagmire, making conditions even more challenging, causing many slips and falls throughout the afternoon.
      • The chances of a slip or fall significantly increase when walking on ice or snow.
      • The Defendant further alleges that Mrs. Cole was entirely, or, in the alternative, substantially responsible for the slip and fall.
      • One camp simply moved their game of Capture the Flag from the evening, when dew caused a lot of slips and falls, to the afternoon.
      • The claim arises out of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff as a result of a slip and fall.
      • Of these often-untrained teens, 200,000 are injured every year through slips, falls, strains and burns.
      • For ballet dancers, a slick floor can lead to slips and falls or clenched muscles from trying to hold on to the floor.
      • But all these slips and falls by students and mostly teachers provided great entertainment for the onlookers.
      • More than half a million people were hospitalised in the 1990s after slips and falls at work.
      • Until now, medics have not seen an increase in the number of slips, trips and falls.
      • The most common causes of accidents are slips, trips and falls at work and lifting habits which result in back injuries.
      • Most injuries were the result of minor slips or falls, and only two people had to be taken to York Hospital.
      • Staff from York Dungeon will be joining forces with students from York College to dramatise the dangers of slips, trips, burns, cuts and stabbings in the kitchen.
      • Many falls result from trips and slips when the impaired balance of an elderly person prevents swift corrective action.
      • It had only been a little slip, and she'd recovered gracefully enough from the fall.
      • Shaun began the event cautiously knowing that one slip on the loose surface could lose him the event.
      • Rugs and mats will absorb the moisture, reducing the risk of a slip and fall injury further in the home.
      • Good health and safety practices at work can prevent many slips, trips and falls.
      • The point we make is this, that that can happen in the situation where the man in the position of Preston was indeed going in for a robbery, but because of some sudden movement or a fall or a slip the gun goes off.
      • Postal workers have enough problems with dog bites and slips, trips, and falls.

    • 1.2(decline)

      baja femenino
      caída femenino
      • AMD announced the slip in shipping forecasts last night at its latest conference for financial analysts.
      • Any near-term funding shortfall will affect the overall schedule, and such schedule slips disrupt future funding.
      • Rapid Technology posted a 27% slip in revenues yesterday to 1.24 million for the six months to end of December.
      • New York, traditionally the hot spot to ring in the New Year, slips from first to seventh on this list.
      • Still, the Pentagon insists that, except for a slight slip in retention in the National Guard, recruiting is not suffering.
      • If he dared score lower in an examination or for some reason had a slip in his grades, Kevin had to face the comparison risk.
      • A high finish is usually followed by a slip towards mediocrity.
      • That's why the shares look like a decent punt with reasonable protection against the downside risk of a modest slip back in the price of oil and no new exploration successes.

  • 2

    error masculino
    equivocación femenino
    to make a slip cometer un error
    • Perhaps I would've fallen for her false sincerity if not for her slip.
    • Her accent is serviceable, but there are occasional slips.
    • A slip at this level might not cost you your house, but it could cost you your reputation in the community.
    • Clerical errors and slips of this kind, honest mistakes, could be made by all manner of people in all manner of circumstances.
    • They will look for flaws, for foolish slips, for proof that the wise are not perfect in their wisdom.
    • His slip did not go unnoticed by Elizabeth.
    • But the Rams can't afford a single slip if they want a part in any of the four BCS games, and this clearly is the biggest obstacle.
    • Radford's historical research was meticulous, and, except for an occasional, very minor slip, the result is astonishing.
    • No politician at this level makes slips like that.
    • I was sure the slightest slip would cause my world to collapse, and I would be right back on the streets again.
    • These are relatively minor slips in a long text.
  • 3

    • 3.1(undergarment)

      combinación femenino
      enagua femenino
      viso masculino
      fondo masculino México
      your slip is showing se te ve la combinación (or la enagua etc.)
      • Jessica was wearing only a slip and a bra, sitting on her bed with her head in her hands.
      • She said women can't go wrong wearing a slip dress and strappy shoes to a club.
      • She normally wore a slip dress underneath, but she had been too warm to wear one tonight.
      • The rest of the package contained a slip and underwear.
      • Another Vera Wang was a simple slip dress with ribbons at the shoulder and jewelled trim to give it some Jazz Age sparkle.
      • This mix of lace, silk and cotton by Pazuki at Sola is perfect for layering over a slip dress or wearing on its own.
      • Her lipstick had seemed to wear off and was now on her teeth and the slip under her skirt was boldly showing.
      • ‘He told her that her slip was showing,’ Auntie Rose explained smiling happily at the memory.
      • You'll also find jewelry, old-fashioned slips and nighties, jackets, gloves, and even the odd pair of roller-skates.
      • Until then, all female stars wore full slips over their bra (as specified in the script).
      • Her gown was made of silk, and the slip was made of crushed velvet in a shade of purple that was darker yet.
      • About five minutes later, Ruth walked back in, wearing a slip dress almost identical to mine, except it was pink.
      • Fashion critics adore her dresses in hand-dyed shades of pearl, frost, teal, grey and chocolate, worn over silk slip dresses.
      • They were fine clothes, silk slips in peaches and pinks, cotton blouses and linen suits.
      • Walking into the bathroom with her dress slip still on she walked into a freezing cold jet of water.
      • Layering will also define looks as fur and sheepskin and faux jackets help keep the chill off skimpy slip dresses for evening.
      • With Phoebe's help, she'd chosen a floral slip dress with a low neckline and spaghetti straps.
      • She suggests trying one color scheme when purchasing outfits, such as a slip dress with a jacket, skirt, and pants.
      • When she was out of her heavy dress, Ingrid began pinning the materials to the slip that Pearl wore, slowly forming the beginnings of a dress.
      • She had discarded all her extra layers, leaving only a simple slip.

    • 3.2pillow slip

      funda femenino

  • 4slips plural

    the slips la galería

Hay 3 traducciones principales de slip en Español

: slip1slip2slip3


Pronunciación /slɪp//slɪp/


  • 1

    (of paper)
    I wrote it on a slip of paper lo anoté en un papelito / papel
    • A Roll of Honour is to be prepared from information received on cheque slips and this will be put on public display in due course.
    • We will start this week if all permission slips are turned in tomorrow.
    • Could a printed routing slip or attachment memo be used?
    • My teacher, Mr. Zajicek, didn't ask any questions; he didn't even send me to the office for a tardy slip.
    • I'd packed the pieces before listing them so all that was needed was to print off the packing slips and labels and tape the lids down.
    • He pulled the small slip of paper out of his pocket and copied the information to the computer screen.
    • This could be a box where the children empty their book bags of notes from the teacher, school newsletters, trip slips and any other paper a parent has to see.
    • I have my plane ticket in hand and the visa (a removable slip of paper, unfortunately) in the passport.
    • It is hereby agreed claims can be collected on certified copy slips and/or copy policies.
    • Watch out for errors on your accounts by keeping good records: hang on to all your receipts and ATM slips and check every statement carefully.
    • By having this information on the deposit slip, you can reconstruct these records even if they should be lost or destroyed.
    • Ten slips of paper were folded into a plastic bag, and they drew lots.
    • I hand the late slip to my teacher and slide into my seat in the middle of the room.
    • Each bench is numbered and its corresponding number appears on your entry slip that is sent to you prior to the show.
    • Ballot slips have been sent out along with letters asking disposal workers if they support the offer they previously rejected.
    • She pulled out a slip of blank parchment, a bottle of ink, a quill pen, and a jar of writing dust.
    • You'll get a reply slip with the Statement of Decisions letter.
    • Invitation slips will be sent out shortly and those planning to attend are asked to send back the reply slips as soon as possible.
    • Sometimes the reasons are a long time coming, but when they finally do, they are clearly printed like her pension slip.
    • All you have to do is fill in one - or more - of the voting slips and send them to our offices.
  • 2

    (cutting of plant)
    esqueje masculino
    gajo masculino Río de la Plata
    pie masculino Colombia
    patilla femenino Chile
    • Alternatively, they may sell the slips to those who are seeking to increase the amount of cane they can sell at the government's price.
    • Detach suckers and slips and pot in a well-draining soil.
    • The idea is that gardeners will deliver extra plants, slips, seeds and seedlings to the Horticultural Training Centre at Zoo Lake.
    • These suckers, slips, and the crown of the fruit may be used in propagation.
    • It's the best excuse to start your own slips from market sweet potatoes sprouted at home.
    • Most of these plants are sold at two years old as slips but the Taylors also grow a number of trees on to larger sizes to cater for those special situations when a more established tree is required.
    • In the California Gull (L. californicus) account, there are several slips.

Hay 3 traducciones principales de slip en Español

: slip1slip2slip3


barbotina, n.

Pronunciación /slɪp//slɪp/


  • 1

    (in pottery)
    barbotina femenino
    • He produces work in a variety of colours and textures by applying layers of slip and glaze and firing individual pieces a number of times.
    • Explaining her actions for viewers, she applies white slip and colored underglazes for decorations.
    • Next, they stand the creature up on the cutout base, and secure it with slip and a worm of clay worked into the joint.
    • When the water from the slip is absorbed into the plaster, Steve removes the clay from the plaster.
    • Thin layers of variegated slip gave pallid earthenware surfaces the illusion of solid stone.
    • I experimented with reducing leftover dried clay scraps to the consistency of slip and strained the mixture to remove lumps.
    • You can tell this might be a problem if a white or yellowy film rises to the surface after mixing up a clay slip and letting it dry.
    • It could also be decorated by painting with a slip (a creamy mixture of fine clay and water) of a different colour to the body.
    • I now use the following system: patch holes first by stuffing them with straw dipped into a clay slip.
    • Next, the entire area of incised decoration was covered with a layer of black slip.
    • For the most part the wares are decorated with images of animals in white slip.
    • The solution proved to be applying layers of slip to a damp surface.
    • The plaster sucks away the moisture from the clay and the remaining liquid slip in the hollow is poured out.
    • Using underglazes, teenagers draw compositions on plaster slabs, and slip is then poured over the designs.
    • To reduce fire potential, straw can be treated with natural flame retardants such as boric acid or clay slip, a watery solution of clay and dirt.
    • Then, using a flat blade on the lathe, the slip was scraped away, exposing the white earthenware body inlaid with the black checked pattern.
    • When paintings are finished, porcelain slip is poured onto bat and tapped gently to remove any air bubbles.
    • Most often, the entire presentation surface of a redware object was covered with white slip, and a design was then scratched into the surface.
    • To alleviate the flaking, I added about a tablespoon of white glue to a pint of slip and then thinned it to a slip consistency again with water.