Traducción de slipper en Español:


zapatilla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈslɪpər//ˈslɪpə/


  • 1

    zapatilla femenino
    pantufla femenino América Latina
    chancla femenino Colombia
  • 2

    (for dancing)
    zapatilla (de ballet) femenino
    • Slip them on over ballet slippers to keep your shoes clean, or give your feet a breather, and wear them solo.
    • The pink satin of her slipper glowed softly and the ribbons sculpted her ankle.
    • So I buy the wrong footwear, a flimsy slipper when my climbing style is better suited to a model with a thin mid sole.
    • The dancers are in flat slippers, the costumes are in bold autumnal colours of magenta, orange and dark yellow, and the girls have their hair loose.
    • Whether they take class on pointe (as most of them do) or in ballet slippers, they do it because it gives them something extra.
    • To go with the dress, Jimmy bought me a simple gold necklace and earrings and even golden dancing slippers.
    • For years National Dance Week has been underwritten by dancewear manufacturers with the aim of keeping sales of leotards and ballet slippers aloft.
    • He also treats his share of fractured and dislocated toes, which often occur when a dancer is wearing ballet slippers.
    • The gown was floor length and her emerald satin dancing slippers just barely peaked out from under her dress.
    • She wanted to change from her uncomfortable formal slippers to more comfortable leather shoes, but there wasn't any time.
    • On her feet would be the black dancing slippers.
    • In Alex's room, her ballet and jazz slippers are sitting comfortably on the floor, ready to be used again once Alex is back home.
    • The rain that had haunted St Lucia for nearly two weeks was finally over so it was all clear to wear slippers instead of sneakers or boots.
    • Gradually light silk slippers were worn by the females, with the men having a tougher sole, and were made out of leather.
    • By the time they're lacing themselves into their blocked satin slippers and making their first tentative steps on pointe they will have passed the point of no return.
    • She carefully pulled on the blush pink silk dress, and placed the soft, same shade dancing slippers on her feet.
    • She seemed to be wearing tights, and slippers that struck the floor lightly in rhythm with the song she played.
    • Penelope stamped down on his foot, which probably hurt her more, since she was wearing dancing slippers.
    • When she performed the same piece at the Jazz Dance World Congress in slippers, was it then jazz dance?
    • She looked at the hem of her dress and grunted in irritation, seeing that the hem was shredded and her light rose colored slippers were ripped and muddy.