Traducción de slobber en Español:


babear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈslɑbər//ˈslɒbə/

verbo intransitivo

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    to slobber over sth/sb
    • they're always slobbering all over each other están siempre besuqueándose
    • they were slobbering over the pictures se les caía la baba mirando las fotos
    • I said harshly, still stung by the way he had practically slobbered over the lovely herbalist.
    • Your reporting skills were reduced to slobbering over companies and ‘entrepreneurs’ that were promoting untenable business models.
    • Because, you know, I'd be more than happy to prevent myself from having to slobber over the same guy you pathetic cheerleaders slobber over.
    • Not all the girls in the world want to have you slobbering over them.
    • She's been touted as an inspiring, persevering all-star by leader Jack Layton and his orange vanguard, and is regularly fawned and slobbered over by the media.
    • She's always slobbering over some new guy every month.
    • He never pushed his will on her, didn't slobber over her, filling her ears with cheap platitudes and hollow compliments.
    • Drunken men slobbered over the pretty waitress while others played a game of card.
    • No wonder recruiters from coast to coast had been slobbering over Harris from the spring of '99, through his senior season at Newark and into the new year.
    • I could deal with Channel 7 publicity slobbering over your every move.
    • The reason was that most of Daniel's work mates knew I was ‘just a friend’ and I had guys coming to me and asking me to dance all night and slobbering over me.
    • It wasn't hard to visualize Luc slobbering over Liv.
    • They can just about cope with us fully-clothed, going about our domestic activities; slurping and slobbering over each other is a step too far.
    • I spent nigh on two years slobbering over him, and got nowhere.
    • It fairly made him sick, the way they were slobbering over each other.
    • We got off together, but I never really told Bell and Liz cause they were slobbering over him.
    • The Raiders are slobbering over the athletic talents of a guy who can run, leap and catch as well as anyone on the planet.
    • First, we had Uncle Val slobbering over your ‘special years’, twixt pinafore and pinny.
    • She turned up all smiles and short skirts, wearing way to much make-up and slobbering over Matt like an over-grown dog.
    • Renaissance potentates kept dwarfs, whom they dressed up, slobbered over, passed around at the dinner table, or presented as gifts to influential friends.


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    baba femenino