Traducción de sloping en Español:


en declive, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsloʊpɪŋ//ˈsləʊpɪŋ/


  • 1

    (floor/field/ground) en declive
    (roof/handwriting) inclinado
    he has sloping shoulders tiene los hombros caídos
    • The topography of the county ranges from low rolling hills in the north to very flat terrain or gentle sloping ridges in the south.
    • Around the hall are galleries where minerals and fossils lie under sloping glass.
    • She lies with her bow at 12m, and her more intact stern rests on a sloping rocky bottom at 14m.
    • Beads of sweat broke out on low, sloping brows.
    • Inside the church, the sloping floor of green Portland stone has had to be sealed more than once.
    • The first divers down found the ship lying unevenly and had great difficulty in moving across the steeply sloping decks.
    • The new terminal has been designed on three levels, taking advantage of the sloping terrain.
    • That sloping top tube extends the flowing lines to the rear triangle a treat.
    • He is lying on a hill, sloping gently back to the factory town where he grew up.
    • Interestingly the original plans show the buildings supported and made level by brick piles grounded in the sloping valley side.
    • They simply cannot physically be as supple as a horse with a long, sloping front end.
    • Intermittent streams dissect the gently sloping area.
    • High up under the sloping roof, exercise rooms are located in a glass enclosed attic that overlooks the main hall.
    • The site would be entered through a grandiose arch, and each house would have a sloping green in front of it.
    • I settled onto the sand of the now gently sloping reef.
    • Some of the most difficult courses require you to bump a chip shot up a sloping green with the utmost precision.
    • Seedlings were grown on wet sloping filter boards in an incubator.
    • A powerful-looking sloping neckline is a strong indication of a well-built physique.
    • Soon we roared into his short, sloping driveway.
    • Originally, a small patio and a sloping garden filled the yard.