Traducción de slushy en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsləʃi//ˈslʌʃi/

adjetivoslushier, slushiest

  • 1

    (street) cubierto de nieve medio derretida
    (snow) fangoso
    (snow) medio derretido
    • What most people reported seeing were watery stretches, sometime brown, sometime grey, and relieved briefly by slushy muddy patches.
    • But that journey was almost over now, and he felt his spirits rise with every step as he churned back into motion through the muddy, slushy snow.
    • When hitting the ground, they combined to form a slushy snow, and after the storm passed, people raced outside and made snowballs - in 70-degree weather.
    • On May 10 the men found fourteen bison with two new calves, but the animals fled from the intruders, who could not keep up with them in the slushy snow.
    • Fierce winds, a bit of stinging rain, a bit of slushy snow, the sun bursting through the gaps in the clouds as they catapulted across the sky.
    • The month of February had not helped ease to ease the monotony, with its never-ending gray days and gray, slushy snow.
    • There was a little jump, I went over it but the snow was very slushy.
    • The snow gets slushy by lunchtime, sometimes earlier if the weather is really warm, but nobody cares.
    • There is evidence that beneath a thick outer layer of ice the moon is covered in liquid or slushy water.
    • When it snowed in the city, it got slushy and dirty.
    • Nothing could be further from the reality of downtown Kiev with its dirty, slushy snow and its eternal grey skies.
    • In general, klister is required for classic skiing on waxable skis when the snow is icy, slushy or really wet.
    • After a long rest in the valley, we climb in hot sun and slushy snow, the Continental Divide looming above us like a distant castle.
    • Even though the snow was slushy and some of my favorite runs were closed, it was one of the funnest days I've had on the mountain.
    • The wetness turned to rain, then to sleet, and then to a nasty, slushy snow, blowing into my face no matter which direction I took.
    • Together, they will turn treacherous ice and slushy snow into water, sweet water.
    • As the day wore on, it started to rain, and the snow became sticky and slushy.
    • So we trudge on, making our way through the gray, slushy snow which no longer crunches under our feet, thanks to a light drizzle and heavy local traffic.
    • It had attracted a lot of attention, and Misha wasn't surprised that on the morning of the second day, the Metro's headline picture showed the Eiffel Tower lying down in a field covered in slushy snow.
    • I walked out of the room and into the slushy snow all around the motel.
  • 2

    • With Cancer being a water sign, people often assume that slushy sentimentality takes precedence over sex in their lives.
    • I know, it's soppy, slushy stuff when you really think about it, but how many people (yes I'm including men here, never let it be said I'm sexist) don't want that faery tale romance.
    • Now he has gone traditional and mainstream with Jersey Girl, a mushy, slushy father-and-daughter dramatic comedy.
    • You have the completely over-the-top action scenes, the tortured hero, the slushy romantic side story and the entirely more-cool-than-the-hero antagonist.
    • For couples everywhere it means love, romance and all that doe-eyed, slushy sentimental stuff.
    • There's a jaw-dropping depiction of an overlooked son and even the slushy romantic moments refuse to glycerine the lens, maintaining gritty honesty throughout.
    • We wanted to stay away from being simply celebratory, corny or slushy - often things like this can become very uncritical.
    • Not only for the slushy romantic reasons, but we both share a genuine sense of loss when we're apart.
    • Writing about this without descending into slushy sentimentality would seem impossible, but Eggers manages it.
    • Cue all manner of cat-and-mouse games, romantic ‘time-outs’ and the inevitable slushy finale.