Traducción de small-town en Español:


pueblerino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌsmɔl ˈtaʊn//ˈsmɔːltaʊn/


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    de pueblo
    • We know we're just a coupla pip-squeak small-town astrologers, Cancer.
    • Helen of Troy's story is relocated to small-town North America.
    • But I just saw what my future was and I didn't want it to be small-town middle class, that dreariness.
    • I forever cringe at the fake Tennessee accents that somehow burst out of small-town Alberta.
    • As she tells her tale she is engulfed in a wave of small-town American self-help psycho-babble.
    • He is simply what so many other small-town politicians are across America: men and women.
    • Although none of her duties are unwomanly, Enid's nursing threatens the conventions of small-town life.
    • The idea was to give up the pubs and clubs, and save our money to see the world, to experience different cultures and broaden our small-town minds.
    • The kind of small-town hostility to European monarchies comically depicted by Mark Twain then bestrode the world stage.
    • Hey that was back when I went to the local small-town one-screener with friends.
    • She's fleeing small-town claustrophobia, he wants to outrun his addictions.
    • The Rock is fittingly cast as the small-town sheriff who endeavours to turn his wayward town straight.
    • The lives and relationships it evoked were lonely, oppressively small-town and laced with desperation.
    • But further afield, in New York and Boston, he was attacked for his preoccupation with small-town adultery.
    • He's the biggest small-town celebrity interviewer that Butte, Montana has ever had to offer.
    • I asked her to imagine her ‘interpretation’ in the context of small-town gossip.
    • It seemed his only option after graduation from a small-town high school.
    • It's not surprising, given this small-town, isolated community that taking a stand on any issue is a risk.
    • It warms my heart to think how many small-town, mundane lives will be enriched by this album and its message of faith.
    • Gabe plots to escape small-town life, while Pete finally sheds his little-brat attitudes.