Traducción de small ad en Español:

small ad

anuncio (clasificado), n.



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    anuncio (clasificado) masculino
    aviso (clasificado) masculino América Latina
    I put in a small ad puse un aviso en el periódico América Latina
    • Not so much as an advert in the small ads section of the Accrington Herald coincided with the launch.
    • We have tried small ads in diving mags, local papers and shop windows (I draw the line at phone boxes).
    • They catered, almost entirely, to large corporations and government authorities looking for staff, for whom they booked hundreds, probably thousands, of small ads in a range of often incredibly obscure newspapers and magazines.
    • After I made inquiries at the hearing, some small ads placed in the Irish Times and dating from 1995 were faxed over.
    • The Russian composer, Aleksandr Mossolov, who chose texts from newspaper small ads, had a good point to make.
    • Fraudsters typically target their potential victims through letters, text messages, emails or through small ads in newspapers.
    • ‘I'd inserted a small ad in the newspaper, announcing that I was auditioning for ‘Salaam Cinema,’ my next project at the time,’ he says.
    • Reputable dealers are unlikely to be masquerading as individuals in the small ads.
    • I'd seen the small ads in the back of magazines like this one and I'd noticed books in the mind/body/spirit sections of my local bookstore, but I had no real idea what Reiki was.
    • I also read recently how a man carried out a small social experiment by placing the words ‘Join Me’ in the small ads section of his local newspaper.
    • If anyone's going down here it's Desmond himself, so downmarket that even the pages and pages of small ads have a tone of despair.
    • Hobby investors can and do find real gems at jumble sales, local junk auctions and, sometimes, even out of the small ads in newspapers.
    • She'd put the car in the small ads without success, so when she received a call from a company claiming it had buyers waiting to get their hands on a car exactly like hers she was tempted.
    • See the small ads at the back for contact details.
    • Put a small ad in a newspaper: ‘Wanted: a better bloke.’
    • I find what looks like a great deal in the small ads of Drapers.
    • Puppies farmed typically end up being sent to Britain, Scotland or Wales and will be sold through the small ads section of newspapers there.
    • He read the newspaper headlines and the small ads scribbled in blue biro on rows of lined cards, displayed in the window: GARDENER available, reasonable rates.
    • ‘Buy a second-hand mirror - big enough to cover your table-top - from the small ads in your local paper, or get one cut by a glazier,’ says the interior designer Joanna Wood.
    • He'd replied to a number of other women through the small ads but none of them were what he was looking for.