Traducción de small print en Español:

small print



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    the small print la letra pequeña / menuda
    • The small print at the bottom of the page said it was printed in 1930.
    • In small print at the bottom were a list of advisory pamphlets that were available, apparently in all major dialects and communication methods.
    • The problem was I remembered the story as being really big when it was just a very small three paragraph article written in small print.
    • Their names are recorded in small print on the backs of dusty album sleeves or frayed concert programs, as sidemen and women.
    • This is noted by the author's biography listed at the bottom of the article in small print.
    • One policy seen by Scotland on Sunday ran to 13 pages of small print containing 15,000 words.
    • This text appeared at the end of twenty-one lines of very small print at the end of a page.