Traducción de small talk en Español:

small talk


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    I'm hopeless at making small talk no sirvo para la charla / la conversación sobre temas triviales
    • India is so consumed with cricket that most conversation about the game is actually small talk.
    • Except he doesn't do small talk and he is not stretching his legs.
    • As small talk so often does, the chatter turned to the subject of accidental shootings.
    • See that scene after he first arrives wherein the four ex-pats sit and try to make small talk with him, only for it to fail at every turn.
    • The awkward small talk is as communicatively insipid as the first time you asked someone out on a date.
    • Anthony was trying to make small talk and chuckled, hoping that Johnson would remember him.
    • After that we talked some small talk, then I hung up and went back to sleep.
    • Without having been introduced and before the usual small talk, they struck up a conversation about it.
    • What distracted me the most yesterday, despite the sadness of the occasion, was the type of small talk that was going on.
    • He saw his entire marriage, spent without conversation beyond small talk and bickering.
    • For now, make small talk in the locker room or ask someone to be your drill partner.
    • Pleasant evening, but we don't actually know anyone there, and small talk isn't coming easy for some reason.
    • On social occasions, small talk on neutral topics is appropriate and modest gifts are given.
    • I'm never very good in those situations - polite small talk doesn't agree with me.
    • He smiled as he set down a tray of mugs in front of a few ladies, who giggled at him and made polite small talk.
    • The inanity, the empty politeness of small talk is revealed by its absence.
    • A lot of small talk was taking place and they continued to smoke more herb.
    • You may recall that Carlo was wont to give Wayne, the delivery boy, a cup of coffee and make small talk about root vegetables.
    • He had made polite small talk with her, and that seemed to be about it.