Traducción de smart-mouth en Español:


insolentarse con, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsmɑːrtmaʊθ//ˈsmɑːtmaʊθ/

verbo transitivo


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    insolentarse con
    • What many may recall however was how he arrogantly smart-mouthed the judges during the competition.
    • She was quiet perturbed to receive such an awkward welcome from Erial's ladies-in-waiting and quite annoyed to be smart-mouthed by some servant maid she had never even met.
    • You're the one who decided to smart-mouth a dangerous gang.
    • I see what your brother meant by you being so good at smart-mouthing.
    • I looked up and saw Liz sniggering softly beside the new kid, who I assumed had just smart-mouthed Becky and her equally as livid and mad friends.
    • She wants for you two to be friends again, and well, I smart-mouthed her and that's when things got ugly.
    • Hey, I may think he's a good kid but that doesn't mean I'm going to let him smart-mouth me.
    • But she's not actually ugly; she's just pert and smart-mouthed and has a sexy voice, completely according with that romcom genre convention of the comic sidekick to the heroine.
    • ‘I'm your elder,’ Russell said, ‘so I can do as I like, when you smart-mouth me, and Da said to box you one whenever you got fresh.’
    • Situation comedies ran rampant with ‘unwholesome’ situations involving gays, lesbians and glorified versions of ungodly lifestyles ranging from unwed couples sleeping together to children smart-mouthing to their parents.