Traducción de smart card en Español:

smart card

tarjeta electrónica, n.


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    tarjeta electrónica femenino
    • And the migration from magnetic stripe cards to smart cards within the financial sector is expected to provide greater opportunity to use these cards for mobile commerce.
    • Some credit-card companies are already issuing smart cards for both in-store and online shopping.
    • These include intrusion-detection, virus screening software, encryption packages and physical security solutions such as smart cards.
    • In Finland, for example, the government provides smart cards to authenticate the identity of someone transacting business over the Internet.
    • The Reserve Bank of India has introduced a number of restrictions on the issue of debit cards and smart cards by banks.
    • Vending units may be monitored from a central location and may even be connected to the Internet for cashless transactions via the use of smart cards or passwords.
    • Defined at its highest level, a smart card is a credit-card sized plastic card that includes an embedded computer chip.
    • Smart cards: voters are issued smart cards that can execute voting software on the card, as well as store identification information.
    • Whether that will come in the form of a SIM, a smart card, or a biometric database has yet to be determined.
    • Few local business would sell council's parking meter smart cards - rechargeable cards which can be used to pay the meters.
    • The inclusion of a smart card in every financial transaction will add a crucial second layer of authentication.
    • The research team examined three types of smart cards: Supervisor cards, Voter Access Cards and Security Key Cards.
    • The system is currently on trial in Northampton but will be nationwide by 2005, as credit cards with embedded smart cards are issued throughout the UK.
    • Companies have been trying to promote smart cards as a replacement for traditional credit cards for years without success.
    • There has been much interest in recent years over smart cards, or cards with an embedded microprocessor chip to store the user's data.
    • Handheld devices and smart cards will have built-in computers relying on boards, ICs, and components.
    • Those who were informed of being selected as one of the first 10,000 smart card holders received their smart cards at the four-day event, or left the right to others.
    • He added: ‘Ideally we would like to move on to smart cards or virtual smart cards.’
    • Each patient uses a smart card, which can be topped up with credit, to access the system.
    • A smart card resembles a credit card in size and shape, but it is actually a minicomputer of sorts.