Traducción de smart money en Español:

smart money


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    the smart money (investors) los entendidos
    • Get money from wherever you can, but go for smart money from people who can introduce you to other people.
    • Thus began the proverbial race to the bottom, because the more ethical a fund's management was, the less attractive the fund became to smart money.
    • So although investors aren't getting carried away, the smart money is seeking to pick targets for predators, and place itself for a fresh round of consolidation.
    • If you're looking for a wager, the smart money will go with Oakland.
    • Along similar lines was a suggestion that the smart money is going into Tasmanian beach-front property, but of course, we don't want to follow the smart money, we want to follow the stupid money.
    • The smart money is always invested in you, the leader.
    • Couple this with all of the other problems with the issue where that slight wind we mentioned could surface at any time to blow it away and you realize why any smart money investors would stay as far away as possible from that fund.
    • And this year the smart money is on the fuel cell.
    • Former England defender Stuart Pearce and Wigan's manager Paul Jewell are two names where smart money is being invested at the moment.
    • The power of the internet may often be so shrouded in fiscal bull that its real purpose remains unclear, but the smart money has got the message and is embracing the big picture.
    • The thing about what you were talking about, Carrie, I think is very apt, because the stocks had a huge year actually, last year, and a big year up to the hurricanes and then smart money, the hot money sold out.
    • But Web-based start-ups thrive not on easy money but on smart money.
    • That strategy provides a management lesson in how to get smart money from angels who can help guide and groom a company for venture funding and crucial Internet partnerships down the road.
    • So maybe there is truth in the old maxim - once the Herald starts to rave about a sector of the economy to invest in, the smart money is already selling down.
    • There is what we call smart money and obnoxious money.
    • ‘This is why smart money remains fully invested even in bad markets,’ said one investment manager.
    • So the smart money would be on an IPO sooner rather than later.
    • So it decided to move itself where the smart money was and ascended very firmly up-market.
    • If you have cash in this account, then the smart money should be on the move.
    • First, money was much easier for him to raise: the smart money, particularly establishment business money, flowed toward Friendt.