Traducción de smile en Español:


sonrisa, n.

Pronunciación /smaɪl//smʌɪl/


  • 1

    sonrisa femenino
    a welcoming smile una sonrisa de bienvenida
    • to give sb a smile sonreírle a algn
    • she gave him the sweetest of smiles le dedicó la mejor de sus sonrisas
    • come on! give us a smile! vamos, sonríe
    • he had a smile on his face when he said that lo dijo sonriente / con una sonrisa en los labios
    • he had a big smile on his face sonreía de oreja a oreja
    • the good news certainly put a smile on her face por cierto que la buena noticia la alegró mucho
    • His smile was warm, a striking contrast from the usual smirk he wore in these hallways of our institution.
    • Your smile is so warm and beautiful, I felt compelled to put pen to paper and open up to you.
    • But the relationship between the Navy and Portsmouth runs much deeper than sharing good times and exchanging warm smiles.
    • We're welcomed with a polite smile into a warm, green-gold world.
    • We're also researching how to interpret facial expressions - smiles and frowns - and how to read eyes.
    • A warm smile lifted the corners of her mouth and her golden eyes burned of motherly warmth.
    • Jay tried to keep a smile, but his facial muscles weren't strong enough, and he burst out laughing.
    • Everyone greeted her with big warm smiles - everyone except me.
    • I opened the front door, giving Jack one of my winning smiles.
    • Lexy place the cloths on the counter as the clerk greeted her with a warm smile as he took the cloths and started to ring them up.
    • Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a familiar figure in a long coat and a warm smile.
    • The smile is warm and her demeanour friendly and winning.
    • His shimmering bright blue eyes glittered at me from a tanned face, a warm smile showing a row of white teeth.
    • She ran her tongue across her perfect front teeth, a smile spreading to her face.
    • She gave him the winning smile, which now crinkled her middle-aged face.
    • He nodded and flashed her one of his winning smiles.
    • I saw Laura unlocking her car a few feet in front of me, offering me a warm smile.
    • His warm smile is contagious, as the corners of my mouth involuntarily turn upwards.
    • One man, however, looked on from his seat in the stand with a knowing smile and a warm sense of satisfaction as he reflected on another job well done.
    • A wedding that was widely billed as beset by disasters and disapproval became a day of warm smiles, laughter and even the odd decent joke.

verbo intransitivo

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    smile, please! sonríe, por favor
    • what are you smiling about? ¿de qué te ríes?
    • keep smiling! ¡que no decaiga el ánimo!
    • to smile with joy/pleasure sonreír de felicidad/placer
    • to smile at sb sonreírle a algn
    • to smile at sth
    • she smiled at her daughter's pranks veía con indulgencia las travesuras de su hija
    • he smiled at danger se reía del peligro
    • to smile on sb sonreírle a algn
    • fortune/Heaven smiled on us la fortuna/el cielo nos sonrió / nos fue favorable
  • 2smiling present participle

    (eyes/person/face) sonriente
    • Stephen sat down with Katalina and smiled at her, she smiled back and they began to sing.
    • Veronica's mother smiled warmly at the young girl.
    • He looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, showing a mouth only half full of teeth.
    • Children smiled at him in the hall but he did not smile back, this was the worst week before Christmas ever.
    • Melody smiled in amusement as she remembered the time when they were just children.
    • When he reached there he smiled at the manager, who smiled back, holding out his hand.
    • They smiled at each other, both knowing that they were smiling because something had changed.
    • "Awe, you all remembered my birthday, " Ramie smiles with glee.
    • The man smiled softly in self satisfaction as he took another swig of ale.
    • At last he nodded and said, " Thanks, " and she smiled warmly in return.
    • Raven smiled in the general direction of the child.
    • Kara smiled a big toothy grin at her sister.
    • Thinking Rick was on the other end, she smiled from ear to ear.
    • Dean smiled at me causing me to also smile; recently he had a way of doing that to me.
    • The girl smiled even more brightly, showing off her straight teeth.
    • She nodded at him, and smiled weakly through her tears.
    • His eyes twinkled and when he smiled, his teeth looked bigger and whiter than ever.
    • He was smiling shyly for the camera and standing behind him was the golden-haired Joseph.
    • She smiled at him, and he smiled back, giving a quick glance at the badge on her chest.
    • The auntie in front turned back and smiled at me while I smiled back sheepishly.

verbo transitivo

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    she smiled her thanks dio las gracias sonriendo / con una sonrisa
    • welcome! she smiled —¡bienvenidos! —dijo sonriendo / sonriente
    • to smile a smile of resignation sonreír(se) con resignación
    • she smiled a sad/bitter smile sonrió tristemente/amargamente