Traducción de smite en Español:


golpear, v.

Pronunciación /smaɪt//smʌɪt/

verbo transitivosmote, smitten

arcaico, literario

  • 1

    he smote his forehead with his palm se golpeó la frente con la palma de la mano
    • her conscience smote her le remordía la conciencia
    • The entire café would also feel better if the skies parted, an angel descended, and smote him with a terrible flaming sword.
    • With the three as one, the weapon will bring order to the land and its warring Duah, a firm hand to smite the darkness and usher in peace.
    • Back then He would have smitten the villain before he even had a chance to attack His servant.
    • Jesus used his powers to smite Egyptians and to torment people who believed in Him and God.
    • After the ruler's next refusal, a plague of locusts smote the land and Moses brought a darkness for three days.
    • She will smite the empires with her wrath, and in her sorrow wash them away!
    • Love looks like weakness, and fundamentalists, he says, want a strong God who can smite their enemies.
    • The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him.
    • Giles, aware that Warne was more musketeer in approach than monk, cleverly tossed one higher and shorter as Warne advanced to smite another blow.
    • He was planning to smite his enemies and didn't want to do it on the Sabbath.