Traducción de smithereens en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌsmɪðəˈrinz//ˌsmɪðəˈriːnz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    to blow sth/sb to smithereens hacer saltar algo/a algn en pedazos
    • to smash sth to smithereens hacer algo pedazos / añicos / trizas
    • the vase was smashed to smithereens el jarrón se hizo añicos / trizas
    • We can watch movies, in which hundreds of people get blown to smithereens.
    • Germany and Japan have both been peaceful, nonviolent countries ever since they were bombed to smithereens in WWII.
    • Officers called to the scene found the old-style red cast iron phone kiosk in smithereens with just the four corner upright supports still standing.
    • It would also be legal to use force to enter their house/apartment/hotel room and set about smashing their stereo to smithereens with a hurley.
    • The Golden Dragon is blown into smithereens and pieces of the cargo ship lands into the water after being blown sky high.