Traducción de smooth en Español:


liso, adj.

Pronunciación /smuð//smuːð/

adjetivosmoothest, smoother

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    • 1.1

      (stone/texture) liso
      (texture/stone) suave
      (skin) suave
      (skin) terso
      (tire) liso
      (sea/lake) tranquilo
      (sea/lake) en calma
      this razor gives a smooth shave esta navaja afeita muy al ras
      • the steps are worn smooth los peldaños están lisos por el uso
      • as smooth as a baby's bottom suave como la piel de un bebé
      • as smooth as silk/velvet suave como la seda/el terciopelo
      • There were leadership reputations at stake in that Dail debate where successful sailors are not made in smooth seas.
      • They were set in mortar, and a smooth surface was then obtained by using large slabs of flat stone.
      • To this day, one can stretch one's fingers and thumb to fit the indentations on its smooth surface.
      • The primer was supposed to have smoothed out the ridge of the edge, making it one smooth flat surface.
      • This specification requires that a trowel finish surface be smooth and free of trowel marks.
      • You can choose a smooth or textured finish, or even paint it.
      • Superoll cold works the rough metal into a smooth hard surface, free from irregularities.
      • Seabirds nest on the cliffs and float on the smooth sea, scattering as the RIB zooms past.
      • I put my luggage bags on the ground and sat down on the smooth and flat surface of the hard bench.
      • For that money I'd choose a Mini Cooper S. It was okay on smooth roads, but not as predictable as you would like on rougher roads.
      • The surface to be tested should be clean and dry, smooth, and free from oxide.
      • The cannulas allows the highest degree of contour and maintain smooth surfaces free of irregularities.
      • Many layers of paint are built up into a smooth, flat surface, uniform in colour.
      • We can achieve less friction with a smooth and flat surface - glass to be precise.
      • As an added bonus, the lava would simultaneously pave roads and sidewalks when it hardens into a glassy smooth surface of igneous rock.
      • The small round porthole was coated in a thin layer of fog, and he saw nothing but the smooth ocean basking in the moon glow.
      • Circular motion will provide a flat, smooth surface but it may not be as reflective.
      • His voice is so soothing in fact that it feels a bit like a smooth ocean wave carelessly caressing the shore.
      • They require regular trips to the manicurist every two to three weeks for maintenance: the base of the nail needs to be filled to maintain a smooth looking surface.
      • On a building or other smooth, flat surface, a trellis helps.
      • The sea showed no longer a smooth and calm panorama, the waves dancing joyfully, for it had started a rousing melody, a robust song escaping from unruly waters.
      • After finishing the fringe at each shawl end, place the shawl on a smooth, flat surface and trim the fringe ends even.
      • When dry and hard the ground was scraped and abraded to a smooth flat surface, especially important if there were to be areas of gilding.
      • Sealant is not a gap-filler, so the resultant surface will be smooth but not flat.
      • She brought the violin to her bosom and gave it a long hug, running her slender fingers over its strings and the smooth, polished wood.

    • 1.2(of consistency)

      (batter/sauce) sin grumos
      (sauce/batter) homogéneo
      beat/whisk until smooth and creamy batir hasta que esté cremoso y sin grumos
      • The white chocolate is smooth, creamy and stiff with grains of proper Bourbon vanilla, not vanillin, the cost-cutting artificial flavouring.
      • Blend 50g of the Roquefort with the crème fraîche and milk to make a smooth dressing.
      • Add sugar and egg yolk and beat to a smooth consistency.
      • The clay is ‘weathered’ before it is mixed with sand and water and passed through a pug mill, to acquire a smooth consistency.
      • The best of the bunch is the smooth butterscotch panna cotta, served with swirls of curried cocoa gelée in a tall martini glass.
      • Strain the solids, save the stock and blitz these in a food processor, adding the stock back gradually until you have a velvety smooth liquid.
      • Knead the mixture until it reaches a smooth consistency.
      • Keep adding the milk and whisking until it has a smooth, runny consistency.
      • Stir in the egg yolk and sugar, then use a hand to knead the mixture together to form a smooth dough.
      • Instead of getting a smooth emulsion, what they have got is a beaker full of clearly separated layers of immiscible liquid.
      • If the mixture is too thick to drizzle, add more milk a drop at a time, stirring until it reaches a smooth but not separated consistency.
      • If you like a smooth soup, place a third of the mixture in a blender with cream cheese and sour cream.
      • As for my medallions of beef tenderloin, medium was how they were ordered and perfectly medium was how they arrived, served up with smooth and buttery mashed potatoes.
      • In a small bowl, mix flour with enough milk to form a paste, continuing to add milk until a smooth lump-free liquid forms.
      • Just combine the following ingredients in a blender, purée until smooth and serve.
      • Blend half a cup of ricotta cheese, 1 medium tomato and 1 small green capsicum to a smooth consistency.
      • More best of British grub came in the form of a porky charred Cumberland sausage served on smooth, fresh mash.
      • No matter how you serve it - warm and smooth, cool and creamy, or hot and sticky - chocolate gratifies like no other confection.
      • Pour in a little water and knead the mixture together until it forms a smooth dough.
      • The eggs are beaten gently and then strained, leaving a smooth liquid.

    • 1.3(of taste)

      (tobacco/wine/whiskey) suave
      • Accepting the premise that red wine is smooth, has soft tannins and tastes of vanilla, this is a banker.
      • I often find Cinsaut to be a little bland on its own, but it is nicely blended here with Pinotage to form a really smooth wine.
      • The praline spread tastes like chocolatey smooth peanut butter.
      • A spiced array of cherry and plum aromas come together in a lighter than expected palate that still holds their smooth fruit flavours to a lingering finish.
      • To go with the meal, Rachain chose a French Bourgogne Chardonnay, a very smooth white with a delightful bouquet.

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    • 2.1(of movement)

      (acceleration/landing/take-off) suave
      (flight) cómodo
      (flight) bueno
      it was a smooth crossing fue una buena travesía
      • the car came to a smooth stop el coche se detuvo suavemente
      • The movements were smooth and the steps small; the dancers always held their upper bodies regally.
      • The springs help energy dissipation for measured and smooth movement.
      • But other players who became overly anxious could find their bodies became too tense to complete smooth movements.
      • I wanted to see more smooth dives and interconnected movements in the water.
      • In one smooth movement, Devon faked a punch, dodged the blade, kicked it loose from the man's hand, and caught it in midair.
      • Characters' mouths move when they speak and the animation of their movements is fairly smooth.
      • To execute the snatch, lift a weight off the floor and overhead in one smooth movement.
      • He popped up in the right place at the right time, had the skill and composure to pull the ball out of the air with the tip of his toe and shoot in one smooth movement.
      • In a single smooth movement, Dain dropped his oar and drew the crossbow from his belt.
      • During a Swedish massage, your therapist uses long, smooth strokes and kneading movements along your skin.
      • He fumbled through his suitcase, yanking out a plain black t-shirt and pulling it over his head in one smooth movement.
      • Rialle Rose did a cartwheel, added a few original dance moves, and caught her fan again, all in one smooth movement.
      • In one smooth movement, straighten both legs to stand, bending your elbows to pull the bar up and in toward your chest.
      • Without a break in the smooth movement, Uke stretches his fist up and steps forward to bring the back of the knuckles on Tori's head.
      • His movements were smooth, and often he came to a slow stop in mid kick, keeping his foot level with his head for several seconds at a time.
      • Don't neglect your form - concentrate on smooth movements, and keep your upper torso steady while you pedal.
      • You need to display at least 24 cartoons frames, or cells, per second in order to see smooth movement.
      • Twirls are a must and we should see a lot of moving in and out of each others arms - it is a fast, smooth dance, with the lady spinning almost constantly.
      • With one smooth movement, he leaned forward and looked closer into my own mahogany eyes.
      • Your feet move, too, in rhythm with the hands, to help create smooth movements.

    • 2.2(trouble-free)

      (journey) sin complicaciones
      (journey) sin problemas
      (transition/passage) poco conflictivo
      (passage/transition) sin problemas
      (transition/passage) sin obstáculos
      • Communicate regularly with community partners and students to ensure smooth operation of the project.
      • The biggest task is the Government's short time-scale, as changes would be in place by 2007 and, obviously, there is a lot to be done to achieve a smooth transition.
      • We also hope that China will see a smooth transition of political power this year, with rational, gentle and open-minded people rising to power.
      • In an effort to make a smooth transition from politics to pop culture, I'm going to take a stab at compiling a top 10 list of movie villains.
      • He collected seven trophies last season in novice events and has made a smooth transition to clubmen races this season.
      • The graduate glut is one more sign of how difficult it is for China to manage a smooth transition to a market economy.
      • Instead, Giuliani is now focusing efforts on extending his term in order ensure a smooth transition of power at such a critical time.
      • Technocrats from the two governments were currently discussing the modalities of the project to ensure smooth implementation.
      • The Production Coordinator has been a major obstacle to the smooth operation of this project and repeated calls for her removal have been left unheard.
      • There was, plainly, an awareness of a real difficulty in the way of the smooth transformation of the territory into its intended role as a defence establishment with no settled civilians.
      • The relationship between the schools also aims to allows year six pupils at the primary school to make a smooth transition to secondary education.
      • This arrangement had been working well, facilitating a smooth transition of business from Carl Stock to himself.
      • The president had made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure a smooth ceremony: he'd pulled out of the first match of the season.
      • He does not see the present process providing a smooth transition to a ‘normal’ democracy.
      • Bosses say that the switch of rail maintenance contracts to Network Rail will be a smooth transition.
      • She followed a cantering success in a Roscommon handicap with a smooth victory in a conditions event at Leopardstown ten days ago.
      • Although he could serve as prime minister until 2010, some want a smooth hand-over to Brown sooner.
      • New trains project director Nick Donovan will take responsibility for ensuring smooth introduction of the new fleet.
      • After that, it'll all happen, and hopefully it'll be a smooth process.
      • We will encounter the second obstacle to a smooth transition to democracy in the period between nominations and the run up to elections.

  • 3

    • 3.1(easy, polished)

      (performance/style) fluido
      he presented a smooth, unruffled exterior tenía un aspecto desenvuelto y seguro de sí mismo

    • 3.2derogatory (glib, suave)

      poco sincero
      don't fall for his smooth talk! ¡no te dejes engañar por su labia!
      • he's a smooth talker tiene mucha labia
      • In The Wolf Man, Rains is the perfect lord of the manor with his patrician bearing and smooth manner with the town's officials.
      • He's professional, he's smooth, he's never late, he's not strung out, his appearance is immaculate.
      • He combines smooth people skills with cagey tactics.
      • He was smooth, glib, emollient, full of promises that your hands can't quite grip onto.
      • These guys are smooth and smart, perhaps too much so.

verbo transitivo

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    (dress) alisar
    (dress) arreglar
    (hair) alisar
    (hair) arreglar
    (sheet/tablecloth) alisar
    • Even when only the front two seats are occupied small road imperfections are smoothed out and even rough roads are dealt with effectively.
    • Hopping up quickly, she scrambled down the side of the rock to flat ground; smoothing the winkles of her dress.
    • Run your hand over the sanded surface to make sure it is smoothed out.
    • Table and bed linens were smoothed out in this late-eighteenth-century linen press.
    • Cover your sand form with sheets of wet newspaper to keep the mud walls from sticking to the sand form, smoothing the sheets flat.
    • She tangled her fingers in his golden hair, an almost impossible feat considering the short strands were smoothed flat against his head.
    • It was smoothed out so quickly I couldn't be entirely sure I had actually seen it crease.
    • Others smooth their pot surface gently with a bit of water on their finger.
    • He wiped a hand over his graying hair and smoothed his lab coat, then cleared his throat.
    • When you soak the prune in water, it swells up, expanding so that the surface stretches and the wrinkles are smoothed out.
    • For your face, stirred-up egg whites, applied and allowed to tighten, smooth skin before makeup.
    • Running a hand through her hair to smooth it, Laena's hands smoothed down the front of her long, green gown in attempts to rid it of the road dust.
    • Suddenly feeling self - conscious, Katherine placed a hand to her tangled hair and tried to smooth it.
    • Long and Narrow Cavities: In hard-to-reach places, you may want to use caulk, smoothing it flat with your finger after injecting it.
    • The stone pathway was smoothed out very nicely, and there were steps to sit on and talk.
    • After cutting the hair, he smoothed the strands with a flat iron, then separated chunks to create a sexy, disheveled look.
    • She grinned and her amber colored hair was smoothed out a little and curled lightly at the ends to create an elegant look.
    • Rei stood up, straightened her short blond hair and smoothed the hem of her long blue dress.
    • Xiaohan finished it all at one go, then tried to improve her appearance by untying her hair, smoothing it down and wiping her face with her palms.
    • The paper was smoothed out, turned over, and marked off with our house of dreams, much like an architect's sketch of a one-story ranch house.
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