Traducción de smooth-talk en Español:


hacerle el artículo a, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsmuːðtɔːk/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (person) hacerle el artículo a coloquial
    (person) darle jabón a España coloquial
    (person) hacerle la barba a México coloquial
    (person) hacerle la pata a Chile coloquial
    he smooth-talked his way out of the fine con labia y zalamerías logró que no le aplicaran la multa
    • An 82-year-old widow who lost more than £14,000 when a smooth-talking con man convinced her she had won a huge windfall on the Canadian lottery warned other people not to be taken in.
    • The momentum is maintained throughout, with 007 pitted against yet more villains intent on world domination, armed with his usual array of glib one-liners, smooth-talking charm and life-saving gadgets.
    • Find out how a smooth-talking felon managed to build trust and make friends in a small town.
    • This time around it's Jude Law who shows us the sexy as a smooth-talking philanderer in a modern day version of the classic.
    • ‘Well, if I look that good and you smooth talk him that much, we probably can land that interview you want with him,’ Roxanne said.