Traducción de smooth-talking en Español:


persuasivo, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈsmuːðtɔːkɪŋ/



  • 1

    • They include a smooth-talking DJ, lager-swilling lads and dancing girls.
    • The smooth-talking young commander with a pistol on his hip was gone and the swept-back hair had changed.
    • Fitz was the smooth-talking teacher, who had been a soccer star in South Africa.
    • Philip Bretherton, 49, is playing smooth-talking luxury car dealer Ian Davenport in the hit soap.
    • I think he is a smooth-talking politician and a wonderful, charismatic speech deliverer as well.
    • Find out how a smooth-talking felon managed to build trust and make friends in a small town.
    • The smooth-talking Swede has come with a carrot as well as a stick.
    • A smooth-talking lawyer got him off the hook on the grounds of constitutional rights.
    • The smooth-talking, shiny-suited salespeople who sold endowments expected to be paid handsomely for their efforts.
    • But smooth-talking lawyers from the truck company convinced the uneducated man to drop his case.
    • Ridsdale, I guess, was your characteristic smooth-talking, egotistical chairman.
    • Police say the Swindon area is under siege by gangs of smooth-talking con artists.
    • But former investors say behind the facade was a smooth-talking, pathological liar.
    • James Richardson rose to prominence as the smooth-talking presenter of Football Italia on Channel 4.
    • Montreal women take note: you might be approached by smooth-talking and wildly persuasive gentlemen this weekend.
    • Dr Lucas rejected suggestions that the admissions process favoured confident, smooth-talking public school pupils.
    • Unfaithful, sly, smooth-talking and quick-witted, 350 million people tuned in from around the world to find out who shot him.
    • Even smooth-talking Whicker is stunned into momentary silence with that one.
    • Butter was used as an analogy for smooth-talking hypocrites who talk peace while making war.
    • He knows that menace is more effective when conveyed through smooth-talking charm rather than a snarl.