Traducción de smug en Español:


de suficiencia, adj.

Pronunciación /sməɡ//smʌɡ/

adjetivosmuggest, smugger

  • 1

    (smile/expression) de suficiencia
    (expression/smile) petulante
    (person) pagado de sí mismo
    (person) petulante
    • Lib Dems are a nice bunch whose only serious vice is being a little smug.
    • A smug smile sat on her lips as she sipped on her cranberry juice, knowing exactly what was in store.
    • I feel a smug satisfaction in knowing I am taking them away to a better climate.
    • The prospect of wiping the smug smirk of Murdoch's mug is a delightful notion.
    • The Minister can sit there with a smug smile and a smug face, and he can shake his head all that he wants to.
    • If you are the only one this summer to avoid the hayfever or sunburn, you'll be feeling pretty smug.
    • It is always wise to guard against adopting a complacent or smug attitude in life as one ages.
    • We sauntered out of the house, feeling fairly smug as we'd got organised quite quickly for a change.
    • Tell me you love the pics and I'll be smug about them for a couple of days.
    • Cooking our own meals added to a smug sense of self-sufficiency and general worthiness.
    • I did a bit of redrafting, then emailed it into the office, feeling smug that I was working from home.
    • If anyone ever deserved to wear the smug grin of a Cheshire cat with all the cream, it is Julia Drown right now.
    • He had that smug, always right, nasal sounding twang, of Ken's down to perfection.
    • I have rarely heard such nonsense delivered with such a smug air of authority.
    • He folded his hands behind his back as he walked, a smug smile on his face, surveying the venders.
    • Even middle class is these days often used as a venomous synonym for smug, unadventurous or selfish.
    • Naturally, they reserve the right to be smug and unimpressed, but still they'll come.
    • British MPs tend to feel smug that religion plays almost no role in our politics.
    • We exchanged those rather smug looks that you do when you've just enjoyed a very special meal.
    • He winked at me and I wanted to knock out a few teeth in that smug smile he flashed at me.