Traducción de smuggle en Español:


contrabandear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsməɡəl//ˈsmʌɡ(ə)l/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (tobacco/drugs) contrabandear
    (tobacco/drugs) pasar de contrabando
    (drugs/tobacco) hacer contrabando de
    they were smuggled out of the country los sacaron clandestinamente del país
    • he smuggled the watches past / through customs pasó los relojes de contrabando
    • I smuggled her into my room la hice entrar a mi habitación a escondidas
    • In the border area of Entikong and Tebedu, timber smuggling is increasingly rife and openly practiced.
    • They also have enforcement of copyright laws and tighter control on pirated goods being smuggled into the country.
    • He faces up to 10 years in jail for illegally smuggling arms into India.
    • There are at least seven million legal weapons in Germany, but perhaps twice that number in illegal guns smuggled in.
    • Revenue was also busy cracking illegal cigarette and tobacco smuggling.
    • The 1990s saw a massive increase in the smuggling of tobacco and cigarettes into the United Kingdom.
    • The pictures show baby lemurs from Madagascar that have been illegally smuggled into the country.
    • Velchev said they played a role in the smuggling of excise goods such as cigarettes and liquor.
    • Thailand's police are on the alert for an increase in smuggling of diesel oil at sea.
    • Organized crime uses our ports to smuggle everything from heroin to guns to illegal immigrants.
    • So long as there is a demand for the produce, illegal excavations and the smuggling of antiquities will continue.
    • Strict penalties will be handed out to those involved in the smuggling or illegal collection of birds, he added.
    • In the years after independence, Macedonia launched a clamp-down on cigarette smuggling.
    • Armed robberies, fuel and cigarette smuggling, money-laundering and counterfeiting must also end.
    • He says his only link to the attack is an admission he hired two vans which he believed would be used for cigarette smuggling.
    • Now the governments of the UK and Jamaica are spending £2m on a crackdown on cocaine smuggling.
    • The packets of cigarettes were being smuggled inside cans labelled as peas or beans.
    • Eight of the nine had previously pleaded guilty to being involved in the dealing of smuggling cigarettes.
    • Aren't almost all handguns used in crimes stolen or smuggled into the country illegally already?
    • To make sure the Merry Men did not get new hardware, he cracked down on smuggling and the black market.