Traducción de smuggler en Español:


contrabandista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsmʌɡ(ə)lə//ˈsmʌɡlə//ˈsməɡ(ə)lər/


  • 1

    contrabandista femenino
    drug smuggler traficante (de drogas) femenino
    • They left their countries in search of a better life, paying smugglers hundreds of dollars.
    • She could have been a heroin mule or a gun smuggler for all anyone knew.
    • Authorities often pursue smugglers ' ships for two days, along the many islands that run from Sakhalin Oblast to Japan.
    • Her rum and brandy will be contraband bought from sea smugglers.
    • The people smugglers are happy to take your money but they cannot deliver - they cannot get you to Australia.