Traducción de snafu en Español:


Pronunciación /snæˈfu//ˈsnafuː//snaˈfuː/



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    everything went snafu todo salió como el culo vulgar slang
    • In a follow-up to the seaweed snafu news of these past weeks, we can report that some of the weed has been dispersed but there remains a persistent pungency in the on-shore breeze.



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    metedura de pata femenino coloquial
    cagada femenino vulgar slang
    • In a snafu worthy of WCW, the ring wasn't miked properly which made most of the moves and almost all pinfall attempts come off like watching a silent movie.
    • In recent years the defense and aerospace giant has weathered operational snafus, ethical scandals, criminal convictions, and abrupt executive departures.
    • Soon the entire situation spirals out of control into a tragicomic mess of blunders, language barriers, bureaucratic snafus, and spin control.
    • Should a snafu come to public attention, and there is a free press to ask embarrassing questions and point accusatory fingers, then they can see their careers end overnight.
    • After arriving, we encountered a few administrative snafus, but we quickly surmounted them, and we were set to start carrier ops the next day.