Traducción de snail mail en Español:

snail mail

correo normal, n.



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    correo normal masculino
    correo no electrónico masculino
    • Then, they should set up a system like the current postal system, where any changes to my report are sent to me, through snail mail or email, allowing me to see what is going on with my records.
    • I will continue to receive emails and comments via snail mail from my parents.
    • Chain letters can be received electronically or through snail mail and are not illegal on their own.
    • Expect more information about the 2005 convention through snail mail, e-mail, and the summer issue of The Masthead.
    • Educational follow-ups - via e-mail or snail mail - are a great way to keep customers on top of new product offerings.
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    correo masculino