Traducción de snake charmer en Español:

snake charmer

encantador de serpientes, n.


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    encantador de serpientes masculino
    encantadora de serpientes femenino
    • Despite laws against both unlicensed ownership of a cobra and defanging, snake charmers still perform in India.
    • Blowing the pipe to the tune of ‘aadu paambe, aadu’, the little snake charmer not only dictates the cobras but also mesmerises the public to hurl paisas from their pockets.
    • Recalling his own childhood, Saraswat said he used to have so much leisure time that watching a snake charmer's performance was irresistible anytime the sound of a flute was heard.
    • It was a distinctly Far Eastern piece of music, with the rhythmic drum beat and shrill melody of the snake charmer's flute.
    • It was hauntingly beautiful, and she found herself fascinated by it, in much the same way a cobra would be by a snake charmer.