Traducción de snare en Español:


trampa, n.

Pronunciación /snɛː//snɛr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(to catch animals)

      trampa femenino
      cepo masculino
      • Most poachers used silent and invisible methods such as wire snares and jaw traps to capture their quarry, be it deer or tigers.
      • Not only that, I once saw where a lynx had walked along the same trail and obviously jumped right through the snare without making the hair-trigger set spring.
      • We trapped bears during June-August each year with spring-activated Aldrich foot snares and culvert traps, and we entered the dens of radiocollared bears during January-March each year.
      • He recognized that although the cutting down of forests drove out many birds and mammals, and many were killed by fires in the woods, these were not nearly so destructive as the traps, nets and snares devised to capture birds.
      • House Bill 1486 allows hunters to use snares to trap animals such as raccoons, foxes and beavers on land.
      • Tigers are caught and killed using rudimentary wire snares, often deep within national parks, and sold for their skins and body parts in an illegal trade industry that spans much of Asia.
      • A CAT was injured after being caught in a deliberately-set noose snare.
      • Some of the bears were taken from the wild as cubs and several have missing and deformed limbs as a result of snares or leg hold traps.
      • Over 25 percent of chimpanzees in tourist and research groups in Uganda are missing hands or feet as a result of snares from wire traps set out for antelopes.
      • Other than nets and common type mouse or rat traps, traps designed to capture and hold a furbearing mammal by gripping the mammal's body, or body part are prohibited, including steel jaw leghold traps, padded leghold traps, and snares.
      • Gamekeepers set illegal snares that injure and kill other animals, including foxes, rabbits, and birds of prey - even domestic pets.
      • They still practise some of the traditional hunting methods such as use of snares, spheres and traps.
      • In her diary entry for 4 June 1832, Sally Brown noted catching two partridges, probably using snares.
      • When most kids were learning to read, write and speak English, 54-year-old Mary Ann Smyth was learning to set wire snares, skin rabbits, dry and smoke meat and sew hides together to make warm winter blankets.
      • Just after 10, the crocodile began moving across the loop of snares set to trap her by government workers and as she gradually became entangled the snare tightened so that by 10.15 am she was unable to move.
      • They had also caught four rabbits in snares they had set the morning after making camp.
      • I started setting snares and catching smaller animals: rabbits, birds and the such.
      • The future for the lynx is grim, with successive bouts of disease affecting rabbit populations, and illegal hunting and snares continuing to take a heavy toll.
      • How many snares would a single hunter set in the forest?
      • Commercial hunters using snares and guns strip an estimated one million tons of wildlife from forests to supply logging camps and distant cities with smoked bush meat.

    • 1.2(ploy, plan)

      trampa femenino
      it's just a snare and a delusion no es más que un engaño
      • Perhaps, if those children received help at this early stage, they might not fall permanently into the vicious snare of shyness which can leave adults, like Lynne Crawford, reflecting sadly on a life of missed opportunities.
      • Your kind are the ones that tear people down and lure helpless girls into their snares!
      • Keep me from the snares they have laid for me, from the traps set by evildoers.
      • Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
      • Artists have been consciously aware for a very long time of the conflict between aesthetic image and reality and the fact that this conflict poses a specific set of contradictions, difficulties and potential snares.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of drum)

      bordón masculino

    • 2.2also snare drum

      (con bordón) tambor masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bird/rabbit) atrapar
    how did he manage to snare such a pretty wife? ¿cómo pudo cazar / atrapar a una mujer tan bonita?
    • He saw the camp having been completed and the group gathering around the fire after snaring a rabbit or some other such creature.
    • At suitable sites, mist nets are strung up, and traps laid that harmlessly snare the birds as they come down to roost or rest.
    • As the pigs continue to avoid capture, a hairy villain by the name of Wolf arrives on the scene to snare the pigs and send them back to the abattoir.
    • Concerned fishermen put pilchard bait on a rock, snared the bird and cut the nylon away.
    • I had only just learned which plants to eat and how to snare rabbits.
    • Paying no attention, other men were trying to snare birds with their shirts.
    • They used a quad bike and a hurling net to snare the pig who had captured the front page readers for the past three weeks.
    • She recently picked her way through park underbrush carrying a net she later used to snare a 4-hour-old antelope, which she weighed, fitted with a radio collar and released.
    • PC Downing believes that these days there is much more of a realisation of the terrible impact of illegally snaring animals, birds and insects - but he still fears that many see it as a little, insignificant issue.