Traducción de sniffer dog en Español:

sniffer dog

perro rastreador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsnɪfə dɒɡ//ˈsnɪfər ˌdɔɡ/



  • 1

    perro rastreador masculino
    perro de rastreo masculino
    • Replace the false bottom, slam the tailgate and not even a customs officer with a sniffer dog is going to be able to find that back window of yours.
    • The sniffer dog makes periodic visits to the temple and an unwary visitor is sure to be frightened at the sight of the canine.
    • Soon, he was asked to train a sniffer dog for the police department.
    • Last Saturday, a dog handler had to be flown from Shannon to Dublin to collect a drugs sniffer dog for a search, the conference was told.
    • She was watching a policeman demonstrate his sniffer dog's ability.
    • They were discovered by a sniffer dog trained to find tobacco.
    • Nearly 40 rescue workers, helped by a police helicopter and a sniffer dog combed the woods searching for the biker on Saturday last week.
    • When the rescuers returned, the sniffer dog whined, indicating it detected the smell of a corpse.
    • Only two women permanently work at the premises and it was terrifying when police officers turned up with a sniffer dog to search for drugs.
    • The drugs were so well hidden in the bodywork of the car it took a police sniffer dog to find them.
    • A tutor takes a sniffer dog through its routine training practise.
    • This sniffer dog has been helping out the investigators with its unique sense of smell for the past seven years.
    • During the search, in which a sniffer dog was used, they also arrested another woman for an alleged drugs-related offence.
    • They used a sniffer dog to check for drugs and arrested seven men throughout the operation on Wednesday.
    • The device was found under a flower pot on the patio of the pub by a police sniffer dog shortly after 6am following an extensive police operation.
    • Executing a search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act, officers carried out a detailed search of the premises using a sniffer dog, and a number of bags of ‘herbal’ cannabis were found.
    • A paramedic from Lancashire has jetted out to Iran with his sniffer dog to hunt for survivors trapped in the wreckage of the devastating earthquake there.
    • However, animal trainers defended the role of the sniffer dog and said a machine would never be able to take over completely.
    • A police sniffer dog also uncovered nine blocks of cannabis resin worth £2,000, hidden in a nearby car.
    • A sniffer dog was used to check for drugs and guns.