Traducción de sniffle en Español:


sorberse la nariz, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsnɪfəl//ˈsnɪf(ə)l/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (due to cold) sorberse la nariz coloquial
    (due to cold) sorberse los mocos coloquial
    (when crying) gimotear
    • My grandmother sniffled slightly as she bent down and set plastic flowers in the flower cup.
    • She wiped her eyes, with the back of her hand, sniffling slightly, but as quietly as she could.
    • It's the big climactic chapter that had her first whimpering, then sniffling, and finally cheering.
    • She nodded slightly and sniffled back some tears as she fell in behind him in a slow walk.
    • Well, there's nothing quite as common as a summer cold, sniffling and burbling and croaking about the place like a London taxi driver on a foggy night.
    • Catching his breath while sniffling up his tears, he sat down at the edge of the garden.
    • He sniffled slightly; he had been crying silent tears for what felt to be near two hours.
    • I slipped my hand out of his and sniffling back tears I didn't even know I had, I rushed away.
    • I sighed in defeat and wiped away the remainder of my tears, sniffling.
    • He was sniffling because of a cold and limping because of a back problem.
    • At the name of her son, the girl started sniffling, and fresh tears came to her eyes.
    • One woman was sniffling from a cold she had acquired during the morning.
    • I gave her shoulder a squeeze and she put her head on my shoulder, sniffling slightly.
    • Chris stops crying, sniffling through his nose to catch his breath again.
    • The drive home was a silent one, marked only by my sister sniffling loudly and elongated every twenty seconds.
    • Slightly reassured by this, the girl sniffled and wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.
    • I started to turn away, making to get up and head to the restroom to find some tissue as I sniffled slightly.
    • Suddenly her tears turned into sniffling, which grew into sobs that shook her whole body.
    • She then looked down and wiped her eyes with her hand and sniffled slightly.
    • She sat there, sniffling still with her cold, and wondered what on earth she was going to wear.


  • 1

    I'm not feeling very well, she said with a sniffle —no me siento muy bien —dijo, sorbiéndose la nariz
    • She sat up, dazed and confused, then, with a small sniffle and a larger smile, looked at her roommate.
    • The only sound was the light chatter of staff across the hall and the occasional sniffle and page turning from the man with the book in the doorway.
    • The sobs were reduced to sniffles, and in silent wonderment, they looked at each other, together at last.
    • She looked up as soon as the sounds of sniffles entered the room.
    • I choked back another round of tears and listened for a sound between my sniffles.
    • Her breathing was coming easier, her sobs turning into sniffles.
    • We walked without a word for five minutes or so; the only sound heard being her occasional sniffle or stifle of a sob.
    • It was a mixture of strange choking sounds and long sniffles.
    • On the other line, she heard the sound of sniffles and muffled sobs.
    • When her sobs had turned to sniffles, she pulled back, looking up at him with frightened eyes.
    • Bringing her hands up she wiped them away and looked up at him with a sniffle.
    • The only sound in the room apart from his sniffles was the sound of the clock on the wall ticking.
    • The only noise came from the hum of the tires on the highway and Lizzie's intermittent sniffles; she pulled herself up from the floor and stepped carefully into the front seat where Jake was staring intently at the road.
    • ‘Sorry,’ I muttered between sniffles as he looked down at his damp shirt.
    • Jamie heard sniffles behind her and turned around on her heel and gave Beth a look of pity.
    • There were many sniffles heard in the rows in front of me by the end of the play.
    • I then heard a sound that was suspiciously like a sniffle.
    • I heard a sniffle, before Joey turned over to face me with a weak smile.
    • Then she heard a sniffle and turned right around and walked towards the back of the room.
    • There were a few times where hopes were found and then dashed, followed by sniffles throughout the audience.
  • 2coloquial

    resfriado masculino
    resfrío masculino América del Sur
    to have a sniffle or the sniffles tener moquera América Latina coloquial
    • If you find yourself with a case of the sniffles that lasts longer than the average cold, you may be among the growing number of people who suffer from hay fever.
    • In some families, colds and other viruses are rarely treated with anything more than chicken soup, while other families bring out over-the-counter medications at the first sign of a sniffle.
    • The sniffles turn into a really sore throat, you start to cough up green or yellow coloured phlegm and you begin to run a fever.
    • You get a flu shot every fall, take a daily multivitamin and load up on zinc as soon as the sniffles start.
    • A patient exhibiting a low-grade fever, sniffles, and a cough is most likely suffering from a common cold and not smallpox!
    • For workers who get paid by the hour, staying home with the sniffles is a pipe dream.
    • I popped a few Vitamin C tablets during the day and hoped the sniffles and sneezing would just go away.
    • Granted, the biggest problem is that the new bugs are almost invincible, but a contributing factor is the stubborn person who refuses to stay home just because of a little thing like a sniffle.
    • Even so, I'm prepared for a winter of the sniffles.
    • His father was ill, perhaps with the sniffles or maybe just a headache.
    • The tiny minority upset me when they feel they can't attend work because of a sniffle or a twinge.
    • Whether it's rich chicken with dumplings to chase the sniffles away or zesty carrot, we've got it covered.
    • But I suppose some people don't turn up if they've just got a sniffle.
    • Sure, I get sniffles and the odd cough, but nothing like this.
    • Drink a hot tea made from fresh ginger, garlic and cumin seed to cure the sniffles.
    • As it happens, I have been suffering with a rather persistent sniffle over the past week or so.
    • Why suffer with the sniffles when real relief from that cold is just a word away.
    • Searching for ways to fight against the sniffles leads to a healthier menu and that is definitely a plus any time of the year.
    • When word came that Iron Mike had been floored by a virulent attack of the sniffles, his disconsolate well-wishers had to shuffle off without meeting their thick-necked hero.
    • And before anyone says it, I'm not the sort of man who turns into a lump at the first sign of a sniffle, either.