Traducción de snifter en Español:


copita, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsnɪftər//ˈsnɪftə/


  • 1coloquial

    copita femenino coloquial
    traguito masculino coloquial
    • I, for instance, can now change an extremely smelly nappy in the early hours of the morning after a snifter or two and about 22 minutes sleep without waking the baby.
    • Not surprisingly, by the time we reach home we both welcome coffee and a snifter.
    • Late last night, at the end of a full day, I poured a snifter of Cardenal Mendoza for Mrs Fitzgerald and another for myself.
    • So, we went back to the hotel and Shel and I joined Jo and Vanda in their room and partook of a snifter or two of scotch and had a few deep meaningful conversations, set the world to rights, etc, etc.
    • And perhaps his new aides could ensure there's a bottle of cognac to hand for an early morning snifter just to steady the nerves.
    • He stood next to the drinks cabinet, treating himself to a snifter of the local liquor, an amethyst drink that smelt faintly floral.
    • Pull up a chair in front of the bar's open fire and enjoy winter snifters from an impressive whisky collection or a fine wine from a selected small grower.
    • In his previous lodgings, Auden had kept scrupulously to his schedule of writing sessions interrupted only by meals and a tea-time snifter, then bed at 10 pm.
    • See, if I wanted to go out and return minus all my valuables, I could do that perfectly well on my own with the help of a few snifters of sherry.
    • Given the choice of the national anthems or another wee snifter of the national drink, they made their choice.
    • Then he took a snifter from that sweet, floral something he always had about him, and rode in silence until it grew so dark even the horse feared to push on any further.
    • Well, I wasn't going to spend the next 15 hours until daybreak in the van, so a quick evening snifter in Bude seemed in order before searching for somewhere to pull up for the night.
    • On my last night I was sitting up having snifters of vodka until two in the morning with an agent.
    • Would either of you care to join me while I enjoy an after dinner snifter of our house brandy?
  • 2EEUU

    (brandy glass)
    copa de coñac femenino
    • The sipping of aromatic and flavorful liqueurs from snifters while sifting in a cushy wing-back chair is a dying art.
    • Brands like Hennessy have also helped push the variety of traditional cocktails based on Cognac into customer's minds, but somehow, the stodgy old image of snifters and swirling still sticks in many minds.
    • Some of the older classic stuff may be going out of style or used as an ingredient instead of being consumed from a snifter.
    • He looked down into his own snifter and didn't answer for a little while.
    • Look at that smile, the way he casually, almost cruelly swirls the snifter in his hand.
    • We try to encourage chilling the schnapss like a Martini and serving it in a snifter.
    • We sell mostly margaritas, with some of the very high end stuff straight up in snifters.
    • He entered with a guard baring two full snifters of Brandy on a small tray.
    • For the past seven years, the brewer has provided the company's stores with special snifters imprinted with the Great Lakes logo.
    • ‘This should smooth away the chill,’ Angel said, handing Sally a snifter of brandy.
    • These are served in 5-ounce snifters because the shape of the glass allows customers to ‘nose’ a small tasting portion better.
    • He smiled at her confusion, his hand cradling a snifter of brandy.
    • Previously, brandy snifters and Scotch nosing glasses were used to taste bourbon, as the optimal glass for this spirit had never been developed.
    • Lifting her snifter, she took an appreciative sip of the rare tequila, letting it blaze a path down her throat, its warmth enveloping her.
    • They set up booths and for $10 customers can buy a snifter and sample all the tequilas the suppliers have on hand.
    • Participants pay $20 each and are given a snifter to sample tequilas brought in by 15 different suppliers, hors d' oeuvres are passed and there is a band.
    • My wedge of cheesecake was better than that, and so was the house chocolate sundae, served in a brandy snifter with a dense chocolate brownie at the bottom.
    • He threw down his empty snifter and bounded after her.
    • Hold the brandy a good distance away from your nose, cupping the snifter in your palm, and allow your body heat to help release the aromas.
    • In Duvel's case, a twelve ounce bottle is poured into a glass which resembles a cross between a snifter and a tulip, and has the capacity to hold almost twice the beer's volume.