Traducción de snipe en Español:


agachadiza, n.

Pronunciación /snʌɪp//snaɪp/

nombrePlural snipes

  • 1

    agachadiza femenino
    becacina femenino

verbo intransitivosnipes

  • 1

    (desde un escondite) disparar
    to snipe at sb dispararle a algn
    • We use it for sniping only, we are not shooting in all directions.
    • The ten warriors rushed down to where Sara stood sniping enemies, and began panting.
    • You can try and do something about a culture that produces physically, if not socially, grown men who think sniping at strangers is a reasonable way to spend a Wednesday evening.
    • ‘You'll be sniped at’ the soldiers warn us when we insist on going in an hour before sunset.
    • If he wore a backpack, he should have been sniped at the entrance.
    • Alyssa hopped off the side of the truck and joined Andrew, crouching low, and sniped at the Greys.
    • This kind of operation is beyond the ambushes, sniping and grenade and bomb attacks we have been seeing, he says.
    • For the rest of the day, my platoon was sniped at from here and there, and we had a few skirmishes.
    • Thereupon the Russian army moved their headquarters to the far bank and proceeded to bombard, snipe and ambush the Germans throughout the ruined city.
    • Understanding him perfectly, they scrambled forward while their leader snipes the guard.
    • We were warned going in last night that we would face being sniped at, shot at, and sure enough the Marines went along that route and we were hit last night.
    • Jennifer was sniping enemies with her bow and Erik was covering her.
    • He had been wounded the first day, had lain out in a field for two days and then crawled back to our lines, sniped at by the Germans.
    • A few miles away insurgents sniped at U.S. forces and clashes erupted across the city.
    • Fitted to a rifle, the system could also be used for medium range sniping.
    • The levels contain marks showing the computer soldiers the best positions for hiding, sniping or ambushing.
    • I prefer to play the sniper and you can't blame me for trying to find new spots to snipe from.
    • The long range view is a great opportunity to snipe enemies from far away.
    • A year later, Dole was covering a revolutionary uprising in Moscow when a young revolutionary leader was sniped in Red Square.
  • 2

    to snipe at sth/sb criticar algo/a algn
    • Swarms of social conservatives and social liberals sniped at each other again and again.
    • "You are such a freaking girl," Elizabeth sniped back.
    • Despite the unanimous vote, the bill did not clear the U.S. Congress without some partisan sniping.
    • Of course, he doesn't help matters by throwing a little hissy fit every time he gets sniped at.
    • Now that's a good idea, that's what I should do rather than keep sniping from the sidelines.
    • Nevertheless, there were times when emotions surfaced, spurred by the sense of imminent danger, and even longtime allies sniped at each other in surprising ways.
    • But while his essays are rightly complimented, his novels remain undervalued, sniped at by academics and denigrated by the reactionaries who see any attempt to knock America's heroes down to size as an act of treachery.
    • The prize - launched in 1981 - has also endured sniping from critics who claim it is no longer as important as it once was.
    • California has been a target of Administration sniping ever since.
    • They bickered constantly and sniped at each other with abrasive, even caustic, jibes, but Drake made a valiant effort to stop himself short of physical violence.
    • "Mom, you're not helping," Tara sniped back at her.
    • The Green Arrow is a bit crass and snipes at Batman a lot, but that's to be expected from a second-stringer superhero.
    • Critics sniped that while his work was solid laboratory chemistry, others were responsible for the brilliant advances that made it possible.
    • She had planned to give a grumbling apology for being late when he sniped at her incompetence, but she really did feel bad now.
    • Not that this will appease the critics, who continue to snipe.
    • And that may explain why the elitists in those various fields keep working so hard to discredit and snipe at him.
    • There are zealots on all sides sniping at this agreement.
    • But instead of bickering and sniping, the parties should unite behind the urgent task of saving Britain's tourist industry.
    • It would have been easy for me to give up and say I can't be bothered to be sniped at any more about wrinkly rockers and all of that.
    • All week the media of both nations had sniped at each other.