Traducción de snook en Español:


Pronunciación /snuːk//snʊk/


  • 1

    to cock a snook at sb (llevándose el pulgar a la nariz) (make gesture) hacerle burla a algn
    • he cocks a snook at convention se burla / se ríe de las convenciones
    • One thing is certain - the man can't continue failing fully to comply with UN resolutions and cocking a snook at the international community.
    • And the newcomers, conscious of the part the Americans played in their escape from the Soviet bloc, have no desire to cock a snook at Washington.
    • He was a bit of a maverick who was inclined to cock a snook at authority.
    • He added: ‘It really is cocking a snook at authority.’
    • Football has always cocked a snook at the laws of economics.
    • Sadly for other road users he is not the only driver who thinks he can cock a snook at the law.
    • He cocked a snook at the special task force of both the states.
    • Rather than making money, criminals may simply want to display their prowess - cocking a snook at the establishment and earning the respect of their peers in the underworld.
    • Sadly, while cocking a snook at the health police is irresistible, the effects on the figure are likely to be anything but.
    • The south is mobilising Italy's top division and enjoying cocking a snook at the game's governors.
    • It has cocked a snook at Europe and won the necessary domestic plaudits.
    • They are cocking a snook at the council and just open the floodgates for similar situations.
    • He said some people were cocking a snook at the criminal justices system while others had no confidence in it because they saw criminals appearing to escape punishment.
    • A third of churchgoers in their early 20s and 30s say they would be happy ‘living in sin’ before marriage - thus cocking a snook at traditional biblical teaching - according to new research.
    • Having lived his prime years a free man, when he should have been in custody, and cocking a snook at the British criminal justice system at every opportunity, I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.
    • It does not mind cocking a snook at conventional codes in the process.
    • It just means that he cocks a snook at it and gets no further penalty for it.
    • The Pavilion's design is more window-dressing than architecture; its furniture is not gentlemanly; its decoration cocks a snook at good taste.
    • Root up hedges, build a settlement off a derestricted road, flout all sorts of regulations and cock a snook at authority.
    • Proper in his manner, he was still not beyond cocking a snook at authority.