Traducción de snow job en Español:

snow job

cuento (chino), n.



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    cuento (chino) masculino coloquial
    bola femenino España coloquial
    • He is trying to pull off the biggest snow job in political history.
    • The entire population must then involve themselves in a massive snow job, trying to convince a young physician that this tiny town is the best place for him to settle.
    • Most players in the Middle East believe such assurances are a snow job.
    • It was a brilliantly engineered, impeccably staffed snow job.
    • But an unconvinced researcher in the beleaguered petroleum industry says the sales job is really a snow job.
    • Naturally, skepticism abounded about the whole thing being a snow job.
    • ‘After a while, you learn the lingo, you learn the body language, and you know they're giving you a snow job,’ she says.
    • It's funny - I'm not really the romantic type of girl, and frequently such gestures make me view someone askance, wondering what's with the big snow job.
    • Bottom line, this article bears all the telltale signs of a journalistic snow job.
    • So in a sense, you've done a very effective snow job.
    • But as per the successful snow job of U.S. operators, it seems to be confining its inquiries to international termination inputs.
    • But what we ultimately get is a Hollywood snow job.
    • This is just a political snow job on behalf of the union bureaucracy.
    • Jennie has always been able to see through a snow job.
    • A good product really doesn't require a hard sell approach complete with a snow job in fine print.
    • During the American Revolution Bicentennial in 1976, there were demonstrations all over the country against the snow job being sold by the Powers That Be.