Traducción de snowball en Español:


bola de nieve, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsnoʊˌbɔl//ˈsnəʊbɔːl/


  • 1

    bola de nieve femenino
    before noun snowball effect efecto bola de nieve masculino
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    • 2.1US Cocina

      granizado masculino
      raspado masculino México Colombia
      • The three-packs of snowballs and caramel teacakes are being sold through petrol station forecourts and other outlets.
      • Snowball cookies are definitely the cookie of my choice for Christmas.
      • It reminds me of a Hostess snowball only better - more alluring.
      • Then there were snowball cookies, which I think are the most suitable cookies for Christmas.
      • Tunnock's has been making its snowballs, caramel wafers and teacakes for 50 years.
      • So they were just pistachio snowball cookies, which was okay, but I'd have loved to taste the combination of pistachio AND lemon together… maybe next time.

    • 2.2British Cocina

      licor de huevo con gaseosa

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (problems) agravarse
    (problems) aumentar
    the movement snowballed into a vast organization el movimiento creció hasta convertirse en una organización gigantesca
    • From there things snowballed until a violent civil war burst into the colonies.
    • Identifying problem areas well in time, allows the company to set right the situation before it snowballs into customer dissatisfaction.
    • When we started to promote the course, recruitment snowballed by word of mouth.
    • This creates more free electrons and the process snowballs.
    • Things will get better and bands will become motivated and eventually it will snowball into something of importance.
    • It grew on them, and snowballed into a major countrywide hit.
    • I nodded absently, still humming the song as I thought about the dilemma that was rather rapidly snowballing.
    • The effect snowballs, allowing smaller predators like foxes, hawks, owls, and pine martens to flourish.
    • Right now, it seems more important to me to just keep doing and building, and then worry about money later on, once the whole thing snowballs a bit more…
    • The problem is quickly snowballing out of control.
    • What begins as a private family dilemma snowballs into a very public display of social embarrassment.
    • The ambitious vision then was that this coalition would snowball into one single consolidated unit which would grow into greater strength.
    • The government has this fear that these organizations will grow gradually until they snowball to the point where they affect the power of the government or even political stability itself.
    • The whole thing snowballed, and soon journalists stopped bothering to contact Robert before quoting him.
    • As soon as you appear on a few spam lists, it just snowballs.
    • But its global economic importance has been snowballing since China's Communist rulers decreed an experiment in capitalist economics there in 1980.
    • Bad luck - the change of just a few atoms - snowballs into metabolic disaster.
    • The whole incident deteriorated rapidly as the conflicting claims snowballed into a near-crisis.
    • Debts snowballed as card holders paid off one card with another.
    • One thing is for certain, however, the lively debate surrounding the film - be it political or environmental - should serve to guarantee that profits snowball at the box office.

verbo transitivo

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    tirarle bolas de nieve a