Traducción de snowblower en Español:


soplanieves, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsnoʊˌbloʊər//ˈsnəʊbləʊə/


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    soplanieves masculino
    • He had a snowblower and would clear snow for other people on our block, but not for us.
    • Many people believe that using a snowblower instead of a shovel to clear sidewalks and driveways will decrease their risk of heart attack, but are the machines a good investment?
    • Then he removed the snowblower from the lawn mower, attached the mowing deck and mowed the lawn.
    • They become unsafe with power tools, lawnmowers, snowblowers, cars, medications, propane tanks, and vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals and scams very early in the disease.
    • And that would be the only sound you hear for a while - no trucks or cars or snowblowers, just the crunch, crunch, crunching of snow underfoot and the occasional giggle of a small child who captures a snowflake on his tongue.
    • Eventually, other people wake and the magic of the untouched snow is broken by the sounds of snowblowers and tires crunching their way down the street.
    • Because unemployment is at an all time low, some folks have landed themselves occupations in which it is safe to say they are less qualified than goldfish running snowblowers.
    • I say this because the other day Logan took a spin at shoveling and our neighbor came over and cleared over half our concrete wonderland with his HUGE snowblower.
    • At around $100, it's much cheaper than a gas-powered snowblower, and it only weighs 12 pounds.
    • I found the snowblowers lined up like an armada of fighter planes.
    • Only a Canadian understands how to cash in on oodles of ice and white flakes by designing the world's first snowblower, snowmobile, and Zamboni.
    • Some manufacturers also offer electric snowblowers, a much more environmentally friendly choice.
    • The roar of snowblowers are now roars of motorcycles.
    • Once I got going though, and got accustomed to lowering/raising the snowblower and aiming the blower so all the snow didn't blow back onto me, I did great.
    • They could be showing me snowblowers and shovels and we haven't had snow in Austin in 12 years.
    • I do hate everyone who has a snowblower, just on general principles.
    • It shouldn't be surprising then, that in a world that's gaga for sport utility vehicles, Honda currently sells more different models of snowblowers than it does SUVs (just two).
    • A 15-foot-tall industrial snowblower started tossing snow and ice toward a truck.
    • Available with huge mowing decks, commercial mowers can turn on a dime, and many can be equipped with enclosed cabs and snowplows or snowblowers for winter use.
    • You can remove the tiller and attach a mower, brush cutter or snowblower to this machine.