Traducción de snowy en Español:


nevoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsnoʊi//ˈsnəʊi/

adjetivosnowier, snowiest

  • 1

    (day) nevoso
    (day) de nieve
    (weather) nevoso
    (path/landscape) nevado
    • Hot and humid summers mixed with cold and snowy winters equals expanding and contracting pavement.
    • During extremely cold, snowy periods raccoons have been observed sleeping for long periods at a time, but do not hibernate.
    • There was nothing is sight except the green forests on the bottom of the mountain and the snowy tops.
    • It's been a long time since I've been to a snowy mountain.
    • Instead she watched him walk away across the snowy blue mountains.
    • Rainy or snowy weather also affects driver visibility and control of the vehicle.
    • We could only see the snowy tops of these mountains.
    • It was a placid, snowy day around Christmastime in 1916 when I met her.
    • She was leaning against the wall, staring out over the still snowy landscape.
    • We slogged upwards towards increasingly awe-inspiring views of glaciers, crevasses and snowy peaks.
    • We crept downstairs over warm, underfloor-heated carpets to a blazing fire in the sitting room, a mound of presents underneath the tree and huge windows gazing out on to snowy mountains.
    • They had landed atop a mountain, its snowy peak mere feet above them.
    • Arriving at the peak, we scanned the snowy mountains around us.
    • The slow Christmas season owed much to the snowy winter.
    • It was a snowy day in the village of Silver Valley.
    • There is a surfeit of snowy peaks only 950 miles west of the Twin Cities.
    • It is indeed getting close to the snowy season; it has come early.
    • The climate varies, with cold, snowy winters and warm summers.
    • On a cold snowy night where else would you want to be?
    • She shook her head and looked out at the treeless, snowy landscape.
    • You could live atop a snowy peak with no one but tranquillity to accompany you?
    • We took turns enjoying views of the snowy landscape and the parade of beautiful passengers.
    • Sometimes the tears would freeze on my eyelids from crying all day in the cold, snowy weather.
    • He grabbed the keys for the jeep of the counter and walked outside into the cold snowy weather.
    • Even in a state where cold and snowy weather is a way of life, school is occasionally closed because of too much white stuff.
    • On one snowy day, a deer suddenly appeared and ran along the construction site.
    • As I left the den, the sun slowly crept over the snowy mountains.
    • It winds up through rolling hills with stands of poplar trees, distant views of lakes and snowy mountain peaks strung along the horizon.
    • Beyond them was a flat snowy pasture, speckled with a few blackened shrubs, and even further away, a dark band between snow and sky, was the huge wall.
    • Bucolic vistas of snowy woods and mountains soon give way to sunbathers when, at the end, Thompson swings through the south of France and Barcelona.
    • Feb 22, 1988: On a snowy, windy, rainy, stormy, day I stay inside and play computer games.
    • Months passed, and the autumn blended into a cold snowy winter.
    • But one snowy day, Naomi's life was no longer boring and monotonous.
    • I experienced a little of his innate paranoia one snowy afternoon last year.
    • They drive across the country to his remote log cabin in snowy mountains, bonding along the way despite their implacably opposed positions in the situation.
    • The one-night event gives tips on how to bike safely and warmly over the snowy months, winter bike maintenance and parking your steed.
    • However, it must be stated that the majority of Scotland's population do not endure severe, snowy winters.
    • It took place in the middle of a New York winter, on a very snowy weekend.
    • He was in a sea of pine bushes covering the snowy valley of another mountain strip.
    • If a pretty, snowy mountain slope is tilted steeply and bereft of trees, it's an avalanche zone.
  • 2literario

    blanco como la nieve
    níveo literario
    • His long snowy white beard, the same color as the fur that covered his body, swayed in the wind as he spoke.
    • Extended from his back, where the wings began, the snowy white feathers were covered with blood.
    • Above them was a castle made of pure, white snowy clouds.
    • I walk into the enormous entryway of the snowy white, palace-like home.
    • She thought that he had be angry before, but now… His hands gripped the chair until his knuckles had turned snowy white.
    • I looked down to see his snowy white shoes planted onto the ground.
    • Young, it is fresh and creamy, with a pure, snowy whiteness.
    • But we've developed the diet and overcome that, so the raw fillet looks very attractive and cooks to a snowy white.
    • An opaque sky of soft blues was joined by clouds of snowy white.
    • Women just always look that lovely in their snowy white wedding gown, don't they?
    • She could feel one of the soft, snowy white feathers tickling her shoulder.
    • She brought in some favorite furnishings, including a comfortable couch covered with snowy white fabric.
    • It's bilious red plume was shot through with small dashes of black, and a tiny white bead formed a snowy tear or decorative pearl at the corner of it's left eye.
    • He was identical to the falling boy, except that instead of inky black wings, he had snowy white wings.
    • However, his long hair was snowy white, his face deathly pale and smooth.
    • Her snowy white hair rose like a wedding cake on the crown of her tiny head, every curl lacquered in place with multiple applications of hairspray.
    • A snowy white runner ran along the length of the hall, stopping beneath an arched window that no doubt provided a splendid view of the city below.
    • The yellow sun is mere inches from disappearing from behind the snow covered mountain peaks that glisten with the snowy white rocks.
    • Montrose looked down at her fingertips against his snowy white cravat.
    • Her dress was pure snowy white, of course, simple and off-the-shoulder.