Hay 3 traducciones principales de so en Español

: so1so2SO3


tan, adv.

Pronunciación /soʊ//səʊ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(very, to a great extent)

      (with verb) tanto
      he's so very English es tan inglés
      • I'm so, so tired estoy tan, pero tan cansado
      • he did it so quickly lo hizo tan rápido
      • you're so right tienes tanta razón
      • I'm so glad to meet you me alegro tanto de conocerte
      • there's so much work to do hay tanto (trabajo) que hacer
      • thank you so much muchísimas gracias
      • I love him so lo quiero tanto
      • I did so hope/wish they could come tenía tantas esperanzas/ganas de que vinieran
      • Their bathroom was so clean!
      • We are so pleased to be hosting this third debate.
      • She did not know why God kept her here so long but believed that He must have had a purpose.
      • He was so handsome in his dark Sunday suit.
      • I wanted to like the movie if only because the critics hated it so, but I couldn't deny the unmistakable truth that it was not very good.
      • It never even gets as far as a fight, because my wife is so much more organised than me.
      • Not so long ago a new train service was inaugurated with due pomp and ceremony.
      • Our politicians have plundered the system for so long, corruption is part of life.
      • Everything had happened so fast he barely was able to absorb all the information.
      • Sometimes we write songs so slowly that we never get around to recording them.
      • Thank you so much for all the comments, they mean more than you know.
      • I am not so stupid as to consider myself original.
      • On the Internet we had so many hits in the first hour that we were really struggling.
      • Everyone must have put in so many hours to get it right, so a big thank you to all.
      • When we were interviewing Betsey Wright, I was so grateful to her for trusting us that much.
      • She, like the rest of the family, had not expected Belinda to be away for so long.
      • I sang so loud that I'm still hoarse now, almost 24 hours later!
      • Arthur liked Ben a great deal, but no one could predict how a marriage would fare and he wanted so much for this one to be successful.

    • 1.2(as much as that)

      (with verb) tanto
      why are you so stubborn? ¿por qué eres tan terco?
      • don't upset yourself so no te preocupes tanto
      • Have you seen a girl, about so high, with long blonde hair?
      • ‘Oh, it's flat like a coin, but about so big,’ said Erin, gesturing with his hands.

    • 1.3

      not so … as
      • we've never been so busy as we are now nunca hemos estado tan ocupados como ahora
      • Paul's not so confident as he looks Paul no tiene tanta confianza en sí mismo como parece
      • it's not so much a hobby as an obsession no es tanto un hobby como una obsesión

    • 1.4(such a)

      so foolish a mistake as the one John made un error tan tonto como el que cometió John
      • how could so gifted a poet stop writing? ¿cómo pudo dejar de escribir un poeta con tanto talento?

  • 2

    • 2.1(up to a certain point, limit)

      I can only eat so fast no puedo comer más rápido
      • we can admit just so many and no more solo podemos dejar entrar a equis cantidad de gente y no más
      • I can take just so much and then I explode puedo aguantar hasta cierto punto pero después exploto

    • 2.2(unspecified amount)

      they charge us so much a day nos cobran tanto por día
      • so many rolls of this, so many boxes of that tantos rollos de esto, tantas cajas de aquello

    • 2.3(the amount indicated)

      the fish was so long el pescado era así de largo
      • I've known him since he was so high lo conozco desde que era así

  • 3

    (with clauses of result or purpose)
    so … (that) tan … que
    • he was so rude (that) she slapped him fue tan grosero, que le dio una bofetada
    • so confused was she that … tan confundida estaba que …
    • he so hated the job, he left odiaba tanto el trabajo, que lo dejó
    • the buildings are so designed that … los edificios están diseñados de tal manera que / de manera tal que …
    • so … as to + inf
    • I'm not so stupid as to believe him no soy tan tonta como para creerle
    • I was so fortunate as to know her personally tuve la suerte de conocerla personalmente
    • would you be so kind as to explain this to me? ¿tendría la gentileza de explicarme esto?
  • 4

    • 4.1(thus, in this way)

      the street was so named because … se le puso ese nombre a la calle porque …
      • if you feel so inclined si te apetece
      • hold the bat like so agarra el bate así / de esta manera

    • 4.2(as stated)

      is that really so? ¿de veras?
      • that is so así es
      • I know quite a bit about that — is that so? yo sé bastante de eso — ¡no me digas!
      • not so no es así
      • perhaps so en una de esas
      • if so, they're lying si es así / de ser así, están mintiendo
      • The beans were cream-colored, with a yellow hue, or so he said.
      • Perhaps his next stop in Houston will be a better one. Let's hope so!
      • Although currently set to be demolished, Ashfield Works could be structurally sound - and if so could be ideal for development.
      • I watched an episode, saw nothing wrong with it, and said so.
      • Is there a place for direct marketing? I think so.

    • 4.3(as desired)

      everything has to be just/precisely so todo tiene que estar justamente/precisamente como ella (or él etc.) quiere

  • 5

    • 5.1

      … and I'm sure they've done so/they'll do so … y estoy segura de que lo han hecho/de que lo harán
      • he left the country and by doing so he caused great problems abandonó el país y, al hacerlo, causó muchos problemas
      • he put the books on the table and in so doing knocked the vase off the edge al poner los libros sobre la mesa tiró el florero
      • he thinks she's gifted and I think so too él cree que tiene talento y yo también / y yo opino lo mismo
      • is he coming tomorrow? — it seems so ¿viene mañana? — así / eso parece
      • will he be pleased? — I expect so ¿estará contento? — me imagino que sí
      • I got a bit dirty — so I see me ensucié un poco — sí, ya veo
      • you said so yesterday eso dijiste ayer
      • I told you so ¿no te lo dije?
      • so saying, he put on his coat and left y con estas palabras / diciendo esto, se puso el abrigo y se fue
      • this will never work — how so? esto no va a funcionar — ¿por qué no?
      • why so? ¿por qué?
      • is she interested? — very much so ¿le interesa? — sí, y mucho
      • our relations are good and I want to keep them so nuestras relaciones son buenas y quiero que sigan así / que sigan siéndolo
      • she's like her mother in that, only more so en eso es como la madre, pero más todavía

    • 5.2(contradicting)

      she wasn't there — she was so! no estaba allí — ¡sí que estaba!
      • ‘You're not Icelandic.’ ‘I am so.’

  • 6

    • 6.1(also, equally)

      the children are tired and so am I/are you/is Peter los niños están cansados y yo/y tú/y Peter también
      • Peter agrees and so does Bill/and so do I Peter está de acuerdo y Bill/y yo también
      • speed is important, but so too is quality la rapidez es importante, pero también lo es la calidad

    • 6.2(indeed)

      she claims she's talented and so she is asegura que tiene talento y, la verdad, lo tiene
      • I want to go and so I shall quiero ir e iré
      • you promised — so I did! lo prometiste — ¡es verdad! / ¡tienes razón!

  • 7

    • 7.1(indicating pause or transition)

      so here we are again bueno, aquí estamos otra vez

    • 7.2(introducing new topic)

      so you're getting married, I hear? ¿así que te casas?
      • so what's new with you? y ¿qué hay / qué cuentas de nuevo?

    • 7.3(querying, eliciting information)

      so now what do we do? ¿y ahora qué hacemos?
      • so he intends to stay, it seems? así que / entonces parece que piensa quedarse ¿no?

    • 7.4(summarizing, concluding)

      así que
      so now you know así que ya sabes
      • He left us down, so he did!
      • She was a lovely girl, so she was.

    • 7.5(expressing surprised reaction)

      así que
      so that's what he's after! ¡así que / conque eso es lo que quiere!

    • 7.6(challenging)

      but she's not a Catholic — so? pero no es católica — ¿y qué (hay)?


  • 1

    • 1.1

      so (that)
      • she said it slowly, so (that) we'd all understand lo dijo despacio, para que / de manera que todos entendiéramos
      • she said it slowly, so (that) we all understood lo dijo despacio, así que / de manera que todos entendimos
      • we took a taxi, so (that) we wouldn't be late tomamos un taxi para no llegar tarde
      • we took a taxi, so (that) we got there early tomamos un taxi, así que / de manera que llegamos temprano

  • 2

    (therefore, consequently)
    así que
    de manera que
    he wasn't at home, so I called again later no estaba en casa, así que / de manera que volví a llamar más tarde
    • I have to move my cattle over to somewhere else, requiring me to lease property, so I want money for that.
    • I think I've been playing very well, so to say that my heart's not in it is hurtful.
    • The lawyer said the American was inebriated at the time, so that he had lost control of his actions.
    • When it was translated it usually meant no more to her than it did in English, so that she did not know what to reply.
    • There is very little between teams now they are all champions, so to say that any team should be outstanding favourites is not realistic.
    • By the time we bought our tickets it was almost 5:30 so we hurried back to the hotel.
    • Each of them can be downloaded free of charge, so go ahead and do it.
  • 3

    (in parallel processes)
    as … so
    • (just) as she loves it, so I detest it así como a ella le encanta, yo lo detesto
    • as we grow older, so we grow more tolerant a medida que envejecemos, nos vamos haciendo más tolerantes

Hay 3 traducciones principales de so en Español

: so1so2SO3



Hay 3 traducciones principales de so en Español

: so1so2SO3




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