Traducción de social work en Español:

social work

asistencia social, n.


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    asistencia social femenino
    • She was housebound in her third floor flat and cared for by a devoted husband who accepted little help from social work or community nursing.
    • When not studying for her degree in social work, she visits schools and community centres to spread her message.
    • She said that the peace march with her father changed her perspective on life and that is when she started social work.
    • Clearly more research is needed to clarify the potential contributions of social work to chronic disease management.
    • In social work, you're at the sharp end of dealing with people's troubles.
    • Following her family's wishes Grace become involved in social work among poor people in London.
    • Interestingly, Shiv says his ambition is to do social work and help people.
    • Her stint at a publishing firm did not last long, perhaps because she was always innately attuned to social work.
    • Clare Britton began her career in social work in 1941 with troubled evacuees in an Oxfordshire hostel.
    • She was critical of social work as it was being defined within an increasingly bureaucratic culture.
    • The Scottish Executive is preparing a major recruitment campaign to attract more young people into social work.
    • It is neither political ambition nor the desire to win awards that tempted him to take to active social work.
    • Akhila Srinivas said that social work and her association with street children kept her going.
    • Rehabilitative measures are supposed to lie in the domain of charitable social work.
    • My mother has had a number of interesting jobs, from running businesses to social work.
    • Henry's been helping develop the field of social work in Bulgaria for the past few years.
    • She gained her first degree in psychology and second in psychiatry and clinical social work.
    • He has no training in social work and denied the town had a problem until his own family suffered a drug-related death.
    • The National Union of Teachers cautioned against blurring the roles between education and social work.
    • This led to a 20-year career in residential social work, caring for hundreds of youngsters.