Traducción de sodden en Español:


empapado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsɑdn//ˈsɒd(ə)n/


  • 1

    (ground/clothes) empapado
    sodden with drink como una cuba coloquial
    • With mid-Atlantic states left sodden by an unusually wet summer, the winds toppled trees and rains flooded creeks and low-lying areas.
    • Disappointment was the order of the day on Saturday last, as the planned Teddy Bears Picnic has to be called off due to a downpour on Friday night, which left the park in a dangerous and sodden condition.
    • Customers sloshed through inch-deep water at the door and across a sodden rug to wait at least 45 minutes for burritos and chalupas.
    • I stripped off my sodden socks and my snowsuit, already reeking of wet wool, and left them on the radiator.
    • At 4.30 pm, when the referee squelched across the sodden turf, the odds seemed to be on the match being postponed because of the underfoot conditions.
    • The white water rushing over her skin, her sodden clothes dragging her down towards the rocks.
    • The fields, hillsides and dips in the land were freshly green from recent rain, occasionally dotted with brick houses or sheep, marked out in plots with fences, grey sodden hedges or small trees.
    • The boy watched with curiosity as the burnt, sodden pieces of wood peeked out of the water, unmoving.
    • Pink streamers swirled from my sodden jeans, tendrils of crimson whipping off into the water burbling around my boots.
    • The surface was playable but a sodden pitch ensured passes either held up in standing water or skidded off the wet.
    • After six hours the pump had done its job, and there was a slushy sodden mass of tree-seeds and brackish water, and the pump was making a sound like a Jarvik heart filled with oatmeal.
    • I found the sodden mess in the laundry, saturated to the point where I tried to put them on, but for fear of contracting instantaneous pneumonia I decided against it.
    • Dew soaked grass and rain sodden leaves stubbornly refuse to give up their moisture, allowing the walker to squelch his way across the murky landscape.
    • As the car whizzes along the highway, Sonia stares out at the sodden fields.
    • Thus they went, a sopping sodden mess, each following the other out of the Square past the tall pines of the Mission and the Officers bedraggled salute.
    • From where I was standing I could make out a thick ring of sodden weeds that enclosed a smaller circle of deep water.
    • The desaturated colours and muddy, rain sodden English countryside creates an air of foreboding entirely appropriate for a work that is more serious than its title suggests.
    • Next we see him stretched out by a tiny fire, pulling off sodden boots, thick socks caked with dirty water which has started to harden.
    • Shaking my head, I stood shakily to my legs and stumbled over to the water, taking off my sodden shirt and placing it on the ground next to me.
    • Mike looked out of the door at the sodden figure dancing joyously in the water from the sprinklers.