Traducción de sofa bed en Español:

sofa bed

sofá-cama, n.


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    sofá-cama masculino
    • Dad set up the sofa bed downstairs for us later that night.
    • The most commonly illustrated combinations of sofa and bed in the nineteenth century were the bed lounge, the bed couch, and the davenport sofa bed.
    • After a while he reappeared with an armful of blankets and led us downstairs to the living room where he had set up the sofa bed.
    • We sat down and talked for hours and he stayed for dinner until it was almost after 1am in the morning, so he crashed on my sofa bed upstairs.
    • The other room had twin beds in it and the first thought was to have Meagen and I stay in there and Tommy would sleep on the sofa bed.
    • After a short meal of sandwiches and cold coffee, Josh went to sleep in the guest room, Sophie in the game room on the sofa bed, and Abbey in her own bed.
    • After sleeping on a sofa bed for 20 years it's so nice to have a REAL bed and a room to go along with it too!
    • Dual-purpose furniture such as the sofa bed, was also convenient for British travelers and military men.
    • By New Year's Eve I was exhausted and fell asleep on the sofa bed in the living room next to the dogs.
    • I sat on the sofa bed in her room she used when friends stayed round.
    • Today I bought a sofa bed for the front room, from the same wonderful people who made my living room couches last year.
    • Her tiny council bungalow is neat and clean, and she has a sofa bed in the sitting room, which means she can have visitors.
    • I will set up the sofa bed in the living room for you.
    • There is a double sofa bed in the living room for either Jake or Melissa.
    • At the same time, the sofa bed gave its owner the added flexibility of an extra bed without an extra bedroom.
    • Make sure there's a small reading light close enough to the sofa bed so that it can be turned off while the guest is in bed, and put a small alarm clock on the dresser or bookshelf nearby.
    • There was more than enough storage space even when one of those sons decided to join us for a couple of days, and our sleeping area could be separated by a retractable partition from the sofa bed on which he spent his nights.
    • If you want to invite guests, you may be able to squeeze a sofa bed into the study, but it is unlikely that planning will be granted for an extension or a further bedroom in the near future.
    • A sofa bed serves the dual purpose of being a couch and a bed and thereby saving space for a bed.
    • I lifted out the sofa bed and it unfolded like a letter.