Traducción de softly-softly en Español:


cauteloso, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˌsɔf(t)liˈsɔf(t)li/



  • 1

    (approach) cauteloso
    softly-softly tactics mano blanda femenino
    • It remains to be seen whether McConnell's softly-softly approach will hinder his efforts to reform public services by being too closely aligned to vested interests.
    • Fingleton has defended the lack of prosecutions and intimates the softly-softly approach will continue apace with the advocacy of regulatory reform.
    • Employers' inability to manage growing mental ill-health in their workforces is matched by general practitioners' softly-softly approach to the problem.
    • A new series of priorities has been drawn up, and top of the bill is the serving of enforcement notices to counter the softly-softly approach, chasing up overdue prosecutions on people who refuse to comply.
    • Essex Police today warned motorists in Tendring that the softly-softly approach to people using mobiles while behind the wheel is at an end.
    • Professor Miles prefers to take a softly-softly approach and will talk to Financial Services Authority and the Office of Fair Trading about which steps to be taken to improve the functioning of the market.
    • Bolton manager Sam Allardyce will take the softly-softly approach to try to put his rocky relegation strugglers back on track.
    • ‘We have taken the softly-softly approach several times, and 90% of the time it works,’ she says.
    • When the softly-softly approach was unsuccessful, my husband decided to go in the pen behind them, and try to urge them out with a gentle push.
    • If yesterday I spoke to someone softly-softly and he did not understand, then next day I have to be strict and implacable.
    • The Boss tries the softly-softly approach at first so as to lull me into a false sense of security - not knowing that all calls originating in the sixth floor and terminating at his office are automatically flagged for my attention.
    • So it has gone for the softly-softly approach of small and gradual rate rises.
    • In Monte Carlo, for example, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of drivers of cheaper cars being stopped and asked to provide their papers by hitherto softly-softly local police.
    • It is blatantly obvious that all too often command teams at unit level adopt a stance of softly-softly and leave the hard decisions to some poor individual thousands of kilometres away.
    • We have urged the government to act, but she has told us that the softly-softly approach was the right policy.
    • Certainly, orchestras have swooned under his so-called softly-softly approach; he apparently never raised his voice during his half century of conducting.
    • The planning area generally, says Young, is one that requires a blend of ‘consultation and the softly-softly approach’ to make sure that building projects are not delayed or scuppered completely.
    • There's the brutal, honest approach - ‘We have nothing in common any more, and frankly your laugh has always annoyed me’ - or the softly-softly approach.
    • Town councillors and council staff in Marlborough are to take a softly-softly approach on the sensitive subject of wobbly gravestones.
    • Although a nation-wide ban on using hand-held phones while at the wheel came into force last December, Wiltshire Constabulary maintained a softly-softly approach during the first couple of months.