Traducción de soiree en Español:


soirée, n.


Pronunciación /swɑˈreɪ//ˈswɑːreɪ/



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    soirée femenino
    velada femenino
    • The event is enhanced by film forums, panel discussions and soirées - this is an extremely well put together event, one that has gained a reputation for quality and enlightening entertainment since its inception a few years ago.
    • Britain is going through a home cooking boom, according to a report by consumer analyst Datamonitor, with more than 313 million soirées at home every year.
    • In 1994, when I was in the European Youth orchestra, I started doing musical comedy soirées.
    • The soirée begins at 8 p.m., and tickets (already half sold) cost $129.95.
    • Catharina Green, chair of the Verwood Twinning Association, was delighted with the whole day, which included a soirée at the Seasons Restaurant in Moors Valley Country Park.
    • With a little help from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Soong and his stable of performers will be unveiling a soirée at Place des Arts that samples from three major works of yuet kahk.
    • He was throwing a little soirée for the band in his back garden.
    • In the suburbs, the middle class developed their own set of cultural institutions, of golf and tennis clubs, musical soirées and garden parties.
    • In the evenings, it sometime hosts soirées of live but low-key entertainment.
    • To celebrate, they're throwing a soirée featuring new films, live entertainment and dance-friendly DJs.
    • He used to have amazing soirées where we would get together and perform all his favorite show tunes.
    • Patient instructors teach the basic steps during the first half of the soirée, and for those whose feet are confident tangoing sans leçon, there's space to dance the night away.
    • Latching on to the fashion for musical soirées, Gerald invites his friends round to hear a visiting Czech pianist.
    • For a mere tenner, their romantic soirée unfolds in the gallery's intimate atmosphere, bathed in the sensual sounds of live jazz, and includes a glass of bubbly or port and a taste of the finest chocolate.
    • Boat parties, beach parties and barbecues may be thwarted due to non-seasonal weather, but there are still plenty of soirées to attend inside, out of the way of rain and cold breezes.
    • For six years the school has been offering these Sunday night park soirées for tango enthusiasts.
    • The Johannesburg Botanic Gardens also host several outdoor Sunday music soirées throughout the year.
    • And for those daring enough to risk a multilingual soirée, they'll be participating in a poetry reading on April 5.
    • In elegant Georgian times, crinolined ladies were carried from their town houses to the season's grand balls and soirées in sedan chairs.
    • Wearing the most expensive clothing and showing up at the best soirées around the world - I find this lifestyle a bit empty.