Traducción de solicitor en Español:


Pronunciación /səˈlɪsɪtə//səˈlɪsədər/


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    (in US and in UK)
    abogado responsable de los asuntos legales de un municipio o de un departamento gubernamental
    • Under a court-approved agreement, the Department of Trade and Industry paid standard fees to solicitors for each case they handled.
    • The chief state solicitor would then apply to the High Court for arrest warrants for the three, which would trigger a hearing of the court.
    • Should you be able to sue barristers and solicitors who are negligent in acting for you in a legal case?
    • The two sides of the profession, barristers and solicitors, continue to exist, and both have expanded numerically.
    • Once the solicitors had been instructed, it seems to me that matters did proceed with sufficient expedition.
    • The case concerned a claim for damages arising from the negligence of a solicitor instructed in a conveyancing transaction.
    • These hourly rates vary, but will certainly be less than London City solicitors ' fees for doing the same work.
    • A town council has been reminded by a council solicitor to follow the rulebook after a complaint about one of its meetings.
    • The maximum level of compensation to be paid to clients by their solicitors for inadequate professional service is to be increased from April next year.
    • She was not represented by a solicitor at her last court appearance.
    • On 26th August 1997 her solicitors obtained an order for the transfer of the action to the High Court in London.
    • She had apparently instructed solicitors to deal with the matter on her behalf.
    • Strict legal rules have to be followed by solicitors when dealing with clients' bills.
    • It was not for the bank to question the advice given as this was not a matter for them but a matter between the solicitor and his client.
    • He had the benefit of legal aid to instruct, and did instruct, solicitors and counsel to represent him at his trial.
    • If counsel is instructed by a solicitor who is in court, he too should be allowed to attend the discussion.
    • A council spokesman said it has instructed its solicitors to initiate legal proceedings to the High Court.
    • In this particular instance we are dealing with a solicitor and his client.
    • A solicitor was instructed to draw up a new will for the testator.
    • That would be your solicitor's legal, professional duty, to act on your instructions.
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    (in UK)
    abogado masculino
    abogada femenino