Traducción de solid-state en Español:


de estado sólido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsɑlədˈsteɪt/



  • 1

    (stereo-system/component/radio) de estado sólido
    • In the short term, MRAM is set to replace the now volatile solid state devices that alleviate I / O bottlenecks and supply hot files on large networks.
    • And he has thrown down a challenge to all the industry's chip and PC makers to realise his vision of computers capable of storing more than a million times more data than current solid state chips.
    • UK-based Memix Direct has begun shipping its USB Memory Watch - a wristwatch with a built-in keychain-style USB solid state hard drive.
    • A couple of advantages these CD based players have is they're either cheaper than hard drive based players, or they hold more than solid state players.
    • Finally, a different technology relies on catheters with several miniaturized solid state transducers as an alternative to the conventional manometry equipment.