Traducción de solvent abuse en Español:

solvent abuse

inhalación de disolventes, n.



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    inhalación de disolventes femenino
    • He also conceded that amphetamines were still being traded in Bangkok's Klong Toey slum area, and that former amphetamines addicts were turning to solvent abuse in increasing numbers.
    • The Fund, set up by her parents after her death, works with schools and youth organisations, raising awareness of the dangers of solvent abuse.
    • Nationally, more young people aged under 18 die from solvent abuse than from any other illegal drug.
    • Although some local youngsters are known to use the soft drug cannabis, glue or solvent abuse is not seen as a big problem in Ilkley.
    • The issues raised by the Minister relate back to the tragic death of six young people due to solvent abuse, to the inhalation of substances.