Traducción de somebody en Español:


alguien, pron.

Pronunciación /ˈsəmbədi//ˈsʌmbədi/


  • 1

    somebody's coming viene alguien
    • somebody important/younger alguien importante/más joven
    • shut the door, somebody! ¡que alguien cierre la puerta!
    • there's always got to be somebody who disagrees siempre tiene que haber alguien / uno que no está de acuerdo
    • somebody else got the job le dieron el trabajo a otro / a otra persona
    • there was somebody lying on the floor había una persona tumbada en el suelo
    • there's somebody I'd like you to meet quiero presentarte a un amigo (or compañero etc.)
    • he needs somebody to talk to necesita a alguien con quien hablar
    • he's not somebody I'd confide in no es una persona a quien yo le confiaría ningún secreto
    • somebody or other must have dropped it se le debe de haber caído a alguien
    • who was it? — John somebody ¿quién era? — John algo / John no sé cuánto
    • If this happens to somebody else not as strong, it could be a lot more serious.
    • If you catch a big rainbow trout in a loch or river then make no mistake - somebody reared it and fed it.
    • It's terrific to be working with somebody who has the whole thing in perspective.
    • If ever there was somebody who looked like an all-action-hero pilot, it was this guy.
    • There are so many characters that you're bound to end up identifying with somebody.
    • When is somebody going to take responsibility for these costly failures and mistakes?
    • Within the churchyard, somebody has taken the time and trouble to make a memorial stone.
    • Could somebody older please tell me what they know now, so that I can make use of it when I am an adult?
    • More dangerously, there is the advice to get somebody who has a nosebleed to tip their head back.
    • There is no easier interview subject than somebody who asks questions of themselves.
    • Claire decided that she must have fallen asleep at the party, and somebody had taken her home.
    • It is impossible to write an honest letter to somebody who may send it on to a third party.
    • We are not interested in somebody who makes nominal moves on school improvement.
    • Though I'm a big fan of Nick, it's good to see somebody else occupying the space as well.
    • The best thing to do, if you can, is to pass your expenses on for somebody else to bear.
    • It is only a matter of time before somebody is killed in one of these cowardly attacks.
    • From the very first time we met he came out to me as being somebody who would take the type of approach we needed at the club.
    • You are at a party, and you have been chatting to somebody who seems very nice.
    • Well, somebody has decided to do something similar, if not exactly what I had in mind.
    • Now they are hoping somebody will help them start their project all over again.


  • 1

    to be (a) somebody ser alguien
    • she's really somebody es todo un personaje