Traducción de sometime en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsʌmtʌɪm//ˈsəmˌtaɪm/


  • 1

    (at unspecified time)
    I'll get around to it sometime ya lo haré en algún momento
    • we'll have to finish it sometime or another tarde / temprano habrá que terminarlo
    • you'll have to come and stay with us sometime a ver cuándo vienes a pasar unos días con nosotros
    • sometime next week/last summer un día de la semana que viene/del verano pasado
    • let's do it sometime soon/after Christmas hagámoslo pronto/después de Navidad
    • we met/I bought it sometime last summer nos conocimos/lo compré el verano pasado, no recuerdo cuándo
    • James, who is based in NYC, built a house in Galway sometime ago and spends as much time possible there, where he has a number of horses.
    • A Bill is expected to be brought to the House sometime next year.
    • Send your estimates here, and I'll post them sometime in the next few days.
    • I read a depressing account of it in The Guardian sometime back.
    • Let's hope they manage to get to the US at some stage, but more importantly get to the UK sometime soon…
    • This morning it announced plans to return £65m to investors sometime in the first six months of 2003.
    • I think there may be a cinema trip to Manchester sometime in my future…
    • After sometime I felt homesick and took a ten-day break from there.
    • You'll have to wait until sometime in 2004 to see it, I'm afraid.
    • I have no doubt that John will settle into his new position with ease and prepare for when he surely will get the job on a permanent basis sometime in the new year.
    • However, sometime during the next few decades, though one does not know when, there was a sea change in peasants' attitude.
    • McConnell's hope is that sometime in the future, games between Celtic and Rangers will be remembered for the football and not for the hate.
    • However, by the time the bank sells shares to international investors sometime next year, the price tag could rise much higher.
    • I guess this gives me an actual reason to go to Wigan sometime soon…
    • Afterwards they went upstairs to use Holly's computer and the two girls left Red House Gardens sometime after 5.35 pm.
    • I will improve it sometime in the future… when I get a little more time.
    • More specifically, she would want to get into writing non-fiction sometime later and even make a movie or at least script one.
    • It is expected to reach hurricane strength in the next 24 hours, and then smack into Nicaragua sometime on Sunday.
    • It's rumoured the term originated in Vancouver sometime last decade, but it wasn't exactly meant to be endearing.
    • I first came to Dublin via Belfast sometime in the early 1970s.


  • 1formal

    • Roper has been a frequent contributor to, and sometime editor of, Past and Present and History Workshop Journal.
    • The occasion was the second reunion of sometime pupils from East Cape schools living in Western Australia.
    • Just nipped out for a sandwich and saw former rapper and sometime footballer, John Barnes, walking down Pall Mall.
  • 2EEUU

    • The former footballer, former manager, sometime TV pundit, and wannabe crooner also ran a greengrocer in Dagenham.
    • Thanks to Senor G., a sometime contributor to it, here's the Shark Tank.
    • From that involvement he segued to the film industry and worked as a writer, assistant director, editor and sometime actor.
    • I am a long term subscriber and sometime contributor to the x-ray files and the letters, as well as a fellow Mainer.
    • The sometime City skipper has been dropped to the bench following the midweek arrival of winger Kieron Durkan from Macclesfield on a month's loan.