Traducción de sometimes en Español:


a veces, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈsəmˌtaɪmz//ˈsʌmtʌɪmz/


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    a veces
    algunas veces
    • Getting up early is not my natural inclination but does pay off sometimes for the light.
    • Men were sometimes summoned during the night and they took it in turns to work on Sundays.
    • It can also sometimes be a bit difficult to attract the attention of the staff in the lounge bar.
    • Every job is a stressful period for a lot of people and there are still sometimes disputes.
    • I do eat a lot of Quorn and beans and spinach and eggs, but sometimes it is hard to eat a balanced diet.
    • As he says, sometimes the only way to get value for your licence fee is to be an aberrant decoder.
    • In the evening they are full but sometimes during the day there are slots to fill.
    • He has discovered that life in Bolton can sometimes be awkward as a wheelchair user.
    • The solutions are sometimes not what we would like, but there is always a way ahead.
    • Yet he could be so affected by his job that he was sometimes unable to speak before an execution.
    • It almost looks as though the slicer is using a scythe rather than a club sometimes.
    • From the cradle to the grave it is a passion that is eternal, even if it is sometimes infernal.
    • During filming I would sometimes beg the camera crew to tell us what was going on in a scene.
    • I sometimes still hear the shouts but on the whole the fans seem happy enough this year.
    • The way he acts sometimes, one wonders if he has had any experience of a real lady.
    • The game of football is a strange one, sometimes you don't play well and you still get a win.
    • It can seem impossible to get a handle on this vast and sometimes unforgiving region.
    • There must have been a side to him that sometimes got very down, but I never saw that.
    • Do you think that sometimes the attitudes of a small town can fuel talent as well as suppress it?
    • He acknowledges that sometimes art simply holds up a mirror to the society it is born from.