Traducción de someway en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈsʌmweɪ//ˈsəmˌweɪ/



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    • But why pull the race card and act like somehow, someway this is a story about race.
    • The wounded pride of a fifteen-year-old boy had to be salvaged someway.
    • Somehow, someway, he kept hard charging until he found me and sent Claudia my address.
    • The white tiger had been killed someway but she couldn't remember how.
    • Somehow, someway, I have to find a way out and up into the sunlight again.
    • Somehow someway he always makes me want to scream in frustration.
    • Was it some twist on coincidence that we somehow, someway found each other?
    • I stayed there looking at myself just thinking of nothing, trying to escape someway somehow.
    • Somehow, someway, when the sent-out group of assassins reached the base, Mike was already inside.
    • Otherwise, you end up playing them to get money together someway or other, in order to manage to play the finals.
    • She loved to play with the dolphins, and usually escaped from Marina's wrath someway or another to visit them.
    • But I could not give the impression that we were someway condoning it.
    • Somehow, someway, it inadvertently slips to my mother that I have a boyfriend.
    • Always, you can count on Clemens somehow, someway getting the job done.
    • But somehow someway he would mess up and Jason would be there to take him down.
    • Although he can't make complete sense of it, he is sure that someway Betty has Margaret's baby.
    • Somehow, someway I'll crank out one of those previews, even though my heart won't be in it.
    • If I could distract Jafar someway for a few moments, I could make a run for it.
    • I did not want to anger him and I wanted to make it up to him, somehow, someway.
    • He could tell by the look on her face that somehow, someway, she knew.