Traducción de songbird en Español:


pájaro cantor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɔŋˌbərd//ˈsɒŋbəːd/


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    pájaro cantor masculino
    • A species of territorial songbird colonizes a vacant region to which there is no further immigration.
    • These results provide experimental confirmation that conspecific attraction occurs in at least one territorial songbird.
    • Anything to avoid another night listening to Jennifer's account of how she catalogued every songbird in Ambridge on the website that day.
    • Then, just as I made out the outline of a small brown songbird, the whole flock took to the air again and disappeared over a rise.
    • In Chapter 1, the author introduces the robin as America's most well-known songbird: ‘It is as American as apple pie, baseball, and the Stars and Stripes.’
    • Our results demonstrate that our model area-sensitive songbird, the Eastern Yellow Robin, experienced relative food shortage in the breeding season in small vs. large fragments.
    • Pygmy Nuthatches are one of only a few cooperatively breeding songbirds in North America.
    • These tours are the best opportunity to view this endangered songbird, since Kirtland's warbler nesting areas in northern Michigan are closed and posted against public entry during the nesting season.
    • Parallels between human and songbird phonological development have led to the use of songbirds as a model for speech development in humans.
    • The Black-capped Chickadee, a resident cavity-nesting songbird, is known to breed in fragmented and otherwise disturbed habitats.
    • Human beings suffered terribly, as did songbird populations, old-growth forests, fur seal colonies, and fragile watersheds.
    • Only a few shorebirds linger now, and our songbirds are rapidly deserting us for more productive feeding areas to the south.
    • The other black songbird I had not seen well until this afternoon.
    • Cowbird removals are used in management of several endangered species of songbird.
    • At first glance, you might wonder why any forest songbird should be in jeopardy.
    • For example, weather during the breeding season and storm frequency during migration might be related to the same climatic factors, both of which could affect songbird numbers.
    • A recent study of a North American songbird, the Red-eyed Vireo, provides some support for this hypothesis.
    • Suddenly, one lonely songbird pierced the wall of silence with a stunning serenade.
    • We examined nest-patch vegetation of the Golden - cheeked Warbler, a federally endangered migratory songbird.
    • Take the case of the coastal California gnatcatcher, a diminutive, grayish blue songbird with a home range limited to coastal southern California and northwestern Baja California, Mexico.