Traducción de sooty en Español:


cubierto de hollín, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsʊdi//ˈsʊti/


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    cubierto de hollín
    the carpet's all sooty la alfombra está toda tiznada
    • Trying to mix the colour of the bricks, I produced something that reminded me of strawberries - far from the dark, sooty colour I needed.
    • The rocks are covered with a black sooty layer of manganese oxides but are quite fresh beneath this weathering crust.
    • The Jewish internees considered the policy anti-Semitic: their quarters were two abandoned, sooty and leaking railway sheds with five cold water taps and six latrines for 720 men.
    • On the sooty back window of the bus, someone had drawn a swastika.
    • But they were delighted and amazed when he turned up safe, but very thin and sooty, after an incredible four weeks stuck inside a neighbour's chimney.
    • Once alighted, we naively succumbed to the temptation of leaning over the railway bridge at Haworth and got a well-deserved faceful of sooty filth along with many others.
    • For me now, it is the colour of grey, sooty, diesel-smelling exhaust smoke blowing in my face.
    • To think that the offices of a big film company had given way to a sooty kitchen with coal stoves, that washermen did the laundry where the beautiful people had once gathered.
    • And I am rattled till my screws come loose, I am rattled like, like… the way, when I am in a mood, I attack and scour a sooty pot.
    • Still, for smokers to light up, there is the small kerosene lamp, its sooty flame guarded by a snipped cigarette packet.
    • What madness drives these sooty pilgrims to wander to and fro on dirty city streets?
    • A dirty engine with lots of sooty deposits can worsen fuel economy.
    • What's with this sooty blackness that covers my fruit at harvest?
    • The sooty shearwater flies low over deep water about 50 miles out to sea.
    • In the early morning light, last night's wind-danced lamps will become oily, sooty, little clay bowls as you try to find the garden under the rows of deyas.
    • Another member of the team once wrote that although Mr Green prepared meals in a blizzard with only a piece of canvas to protect him, his cheerful grin never deserted his sooty face.
    • Then, when the motor clattered into action, it belched a sooty puff from the exhaust pipe, terrified nearby cats and deafened all around as you drove away.
    • Of course, once they tried to get things out, the roof had collapsed in, covering everything in sooty ashes.
    • During the winter he would spend hours there weighing carbonettes into sacks, a once-white towel wrapped around his head for protection against the sooty dust.
    • Wall Street was transformed into a scene from the beginning of the last century, perceived as though through a vaseline lens, the effect wrought by sooty air shot though with sunshine.