Traducción de sophist en Español:


sofista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɑfəst//ˈsɒfɪst/


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    sofista femenino
    the Sophists los sofistas
    • Dion Chrysostom, Herodes Atticus, Aristides, Lucian, and Philostratus the Elder belong to the flourishing period of this second school of sophists, a period which extends over the entire second century.
    • His mistress Aspasia and the sophist Anaxagoras were perhaps prosecuted.
    • In this book, written after Socrates' death, Plato attempts to make the reader feel that Socrates was a true philosopher and not a sophist, as some people claimed.
    • Twenty-four years earlier, Aristophanes in his play Clouds had lampooned Socrates as a sophist who taught his pupils to scorn parental authority and subvert civic justice for their own gains.
    • When he argues against Protagoras' relativism, Socrates gets the sophist to concede that some people are wiser than others when it comes to what is good for the city.